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Hey there. Who here has advertised via furaffinity recently? How long did it take for you to get a response? Were you satisfied with the influx of people who visited your page?

I'm thinking about getting advertisement for my page, but it's been a few weeks with no response via email. I was wondering if this was normal. Also, if you have any tips on how to make sure communication goes smoothly between me and FA staff, that would be cool. I have money, and I"m willing to spend it to get my stuff shown off. I just want it to be easier to do so, haha


Lord of Potatoes
I have in January into February. It took about a week for me to get it set up, which I was expecting anywhere between 1-2 weeks initially.
I bought the ad space as a test to see how well it worked. My Visual Ad was simple an Hop animation that gave no information at all.
I didn't advertise anything with my ad, in other words. I can conclude from that experience that I can tell you with confidence, if you get
and advertisement space and are advertising commissions, be prepared. My ad reached a very large amount of people than I thought it would,
considering my ad didn't offer anything at all.

My email set up was simple and to the point with this info:

I would like to buy a 1 month slot for the "300x90 Standard" section.
I would like it to link to my FA: [Link to my FA page]
-My Visual Advertisement file-

At the end of every week, FA gives you the stats of how many people clicked on your ad as well as how many pages your ad appeared on.
I decided to Keep the stats they gave me and put them on a graph: LINK

Advertisement Plan I had with the Ad I posted up.
- Animation Ad
- Not advertising any products or artwork
- Purpose was only to entertain viewers

it's been a few weeks with no response via email.
Not sure what Advice to give on that. Earlier this year my ad request was responded to and through in about a week, but I did have to wait on another occasion about 3 weeks on a separate occassion.