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We have been attempting to place a banner on your website for 2 weeks now using the advertising@furaffinity.net email address provided in the advertising wiki, with no luck or reply.

Any assistance would be most helpful, thank you.




White Devil
I imagine with as much cleaning up as they are trying to do on the main site that it might take a while to get back to you. You might want to contact a mod directly?


1) Note 'Neer.
2) Leave 'Neer a shout.
2) Leave 'Neer another shout.
4) Note 'Neer again.
5) Leave 'Neer a third shout.
6) PM several other admins to bug 'Neer.
7) Leave 'Neer a final shout.


Blood, Sex, and Chocolate
Wasn't one of the recently let go admins supposed to be handling the advertising email account? Methinks this may have been overlooked.


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Dont despair,it took a month and a multiple notes to two different FA admins before they got to me..this was during their info leakage as well so they are usually pretty busy and will get to you when they can..on a side note,my notes requesting my banner info and whatnot are on the wiki leak fur sight...thankfully nothing incriminateing in there.


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Oooor, instead of adding to the backed-up notes the admins have, you can just wait until they get to it, maybe resend it to the proper email address (ie advertising@furaffinity.net) if it takes, say, more than a month, and/or set your email client to request a delivery receipt so you know the email wasn't lost in cyberspace somewhere. I got an apology for the delay when 'Neer finally got to my ad request.