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Advice for beginner? I want to make a Lucario costume.

Stormowl the Owl

New Member
Hi everyone. I've never made a fursuit before , but I would like to make a Lucario costume. I'm not sure what the best materials would be, but I think the only part where I would put fur is the middle yellow area. I don't know what the best way of going about making it would be, but I already sketched out how it might look. I'm someone who learns best from having lots of specific examples and visuals to go off of, so if anyone has any advice it would be highly appreciated. Thanks!


A Sorta Experienced Fursuit Maker (•̀ᵜ•́)
Hi! Im guessing your talking about the pokemon
If so, I really dont reccomend making your first suit a fullsuit, I would first practice on partials because full suits can cost up to 400$ to make and 200$ of that is just fur, and usually firsts dont come out that well..
Heres a good chart to go off of

Im thinking for beginners, Toony minis are the way to go. Then work your way up until you get to a full suit.

Anyways, About the materials.
Ill give you a list for each category

Buckram: 3$
Foamies: 1$
27x72x1 Foam sheet: 15$
Fur: 42$
black and pink felt: 1$
Sculpey: 3$

Fur: 14$
Sculpey clay: 3$

Foam: 15$
Fur: 42$


Hi! This looks very helpful. I'll make sure to look at this thread again when I actually start making a fursuit. :)