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Advice For Commission and Patreon Writing


Tiny Kitten
So... Anyway, I've been writing on FA a long time but I've really only started taking commissions in the last six months as well as writing a Patreon. Thing is, I'm not 100% sure on how to really value my work. When I tend to compare my stuff to others I realize that I might be underselling myself. On the other hand, since I'm newer to the commission thing maybe I should be working with lower prices till I have time to build up a reputation. Debating that.


So my question is to other writers who take commissions as well as to those who buy commissions, what do you consider a fair price for a written story. I had been doing $30 for around 3500 words, just recently raised it to $40.

For anyone who has a Patreon or familiar with Patreon for other writers, would also like to ask if you have any cool ideas for tier rewards. Right now $1 gets people preferential placement in YCH Interactive Game stories. (Thing I do every now and then where I let people enter their characters in something like a TF themed reality game show) and for $5 or higher you get entered into a monthly raffle for a free commission.

Any advice anyone can offer on either of these topics would be greatly appreciated!


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Well, I've just recently set up streaming on YouTube and a Patreon. As for tier rewards, my main goal is to interact with the community in general, meaning taking their suggestions and ideas and putting them into an overarching story. For example, one dollar is just if you'd like to support. Nothing flashy or special, as for the five dollar tier, then it's geared more toward behind the scenes stuff, interaction, and more personalized creation. Now, on the subject of commissions, generally I undercharge immensely, only due to the fact I primarily get commissions through the Amino app, which tends to have a younger crowd. Who in turn, don't usually have forty dollars to spend on literature.

As far as pricing is concerned, I know several people that do a certain amount of cents per word. Or they charge by paragraph. In my opinion, if you're writing over 1000-2000 words, you should charge more than twenty, especially if the content is complex and time consuming. Although I'm interested in what others have to say regarding pricing as I'm still trying to figure this out myself haha! I hope this helps, if even slightly!