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Advice for making a sona [warning: hard pg-13]


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I've been sitting on making a sona for a while now. And the main reason is because
  1. I have no monies to get a ref sheet and
  2. I wanna be a snek but it's sort-of tied to a fetish I have and since sneks are kinda a niche thing I feel like it would alienate some people. I'm thinking of trying a hybrid of two species but I don't want to spend more on commissions (if I ever get any) than I have to because my sona is 3 complex 5 artisto.
What should I do?


Rara for short :)
Snakes are nice. Also I already saw a snake or two on these forums so you're not alone :)

I'm assuming you're talking about vore? :p As long as you don't make your character fetishy in the wrong times and places I'm pretty sure nobody will have a problem with them. Reptiles are a lot more accepted in the fandom than they used to be, too.

Also there are many ways to make an anthro snake character: you can even give them all four human limbs if you want (they still look like snakes)

There may be some snake bases somewhere that you can color, just make sure they are free to use and credit the artist!
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