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Advice on what to sketchbook for Patreon.


There's probably a better place to post this, but it relates to art so I figure this place is as good as any.

I'm creating the bulk of a Patreon for the webcomics HoneyBooBun and I are putting out. Aside from the comic I don't end up doing many sketches (to maximize page output) but I'm planning a sketchbook round up tier and I'm trying to figure out how much content I should have. I want to give our Patrons value in return for their support. Any advice on what/how many sketches/pages I should strive to accomplish monthly?

Especially anyone who's supported/supporting any patron and their experiences (good or bad) would be great! Any advice would be appreciated though!


Attaching some recent sketches so you have an idea of what I'm creating.


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