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Advice: Patterns/markings help?


Woofer artiste
Heyo woofers (not sure if this should be here or in the art tutorial part of the forums so now I posted in both eh...)

Advice: how do you come up with markings/patterns for your fursona?

(Im in The process of redesigning mine for 2021 but Im s t u c k on what markings she ll have...

Any tips?

Colorpalette is already decided (mainly gold, red, black, creamwhite).
The red will maybe be used as an accent or such (debating if it´ll otherwise give too much contrast/seizure lol)

fursonas 2k20_censor wip.png


Eternally Confused Feline
I like to either mix and match patterns from other characters or attempt to replicate the actual animals, with some artistic liberties to make sure it maintains uniqueness.


It really depends on what sort of aesthetics you like
I'm personally very partial to brighter colors with naturalistic markings (like these!)

If you're not sure what direction to go in, I'd recommend looking at character designs you're fond of to get an idea of what you connect to, as well as thinking of animals you're endeared to.

Hope this helps!


Cotton Candy Macaron
I like to base my markings around the character, hinting at their personality, as well as just sticking to what I think looks nice! Like I have a snake character who I wanted to appear a bit frightening, so I used bright green accents on the triangular/pointy bits like claws and tail to give some aggression. And I have a mouse character who is supposed to be a bit wild, so I used asymmetrical markings and some diamond motifs which, when coupled with the red and black colors of the markings, is meant to kind of smell like a casino, which is a kind of setting that he'd fit right into. ^^

EDIT: Oh, and I forgot to mention that I like to keep settings/outfits in mind. I generally keep character markings fairly simple because for the art styles and aesthetics I shoot for, I want my character to be able to adapt and blend a bit to different compositions. But if you're someone who likes a lot of pin-up, glam, or minimalist background type stuff and DON'T want too many fancy outfits, you might opt for more complex markings that give the character a lot of solo interest and highlights their figure in those kinds of pieces. : )
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