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Awkward Artist
Full Body (Some NSFW):

Full Body Colored Chibi/ Smols:


Adoptable Babies

Gallery of adopts here

$10 YCH Slots

Ahegao YCH Base

Upskirt YCH Base

Shibari YCH Base
Example 2

Full Body Colored - $20
YCH - $10
Lineart Full Body - $10
Chibi/ Smol - $5
Adopt - $5
Other (Bust, headshot, comic page, icon, ref sheet, background, multiple characters, custom designs, etc.) - Hit me up and we can negotiate a price

Will Do
Multiple Characters
Gore (candy and otherwise)
Kink/ BDSM/ ABDL/ Etc.
Wings, horns, scales, etc.
Any species, any gender/sex
Mech, muscles, and complicated designs are determined via individual basis. Hit me up if you have questions.

Won't Do
Hit me up, I don't have a lot of hard lines as far as what I won't draw but I will be transparent with you if I have any concerns, questions, or just feel I am incapable/ unable to do a particular commission.

What To Fill Out
Character Ref/ Detailed description:
Personality, Pose, or NSFW/Kink preference:
Type of Art (Colored, Lineart, Smol, etc.):
Other - Any additional information you want me to know:

More Examples Here

1.) Punkin - Chibi
2.) USD - OPEN

YCH Slots 0/3:
1.) USD - OPEN
2.) USD - OPEN
3.) USD - OPEN

Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or just feel like it ^u^ I don't bite~!
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Awkward Artist



More examples~!! Also happy pride weekend everyone celebrating~!!


Awkward Artist
Just updated the examples, YCH, and adopts ^u^ Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or are inclined to commission me~!