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(Other) Selling: Affordable Commissions! ($5-$30)


Hello there! :)

First off, I would like to kindly thank you for clicking on my thread by reading the title. Hopefully I can keep you interested,haha! Anywho, I'm Panty, a Digital Artist who's been a furry for two years now. I haven't dabbled in drawing my ocs in a while, I've just been on the low with drawing fanart and mostly Star Trek.
I currently have my commissions open at the moment, and I won't be closing down any time soon.
My original plan was to add the commission money plus the money from working and save it, especially since I'm trying to buy school supplies! However, where I live, it's difficult to find a job that will accept teenagers at the age of 16.

other Commission Sheet!.png

Terms Of Service
Hello, first off, thank you for taking the time to read the Terms of Service for my commissions, it is highly appreciated. When managing my commissions I make sure to provide a nice and friendly platform for customers who are/aren't willing to buy. Please know that it is PAYMENT FIRST when you decide to order a commission. Usually, when an order is placed, the buyer will possibly receive their commission on the same day that it was bought (varies if the artist's time is not being scarily consumed). If not, then please give me at least a week to complete your order. After a week has passed and you have not received your commission, you may consider a refund from said artist. Throughout the time of completing your commission, you may ask for progress W.I.Ps, but please refrain from asking every 10 seconds or every day. Please know that I am young and my skills at managing a mini business, even as a commission process is tough. I have many art-related projects over the summer so it would be nice to exchange consideration. Thank you! Also, if you have received your commission and is pleased with it, you don't have to if you do not want to, but leaving a review on my profile would mean a lot!!♡

If you are interested in commissioning me, contact me here, Instagram or Tumblr(astronomicalpanty), and even on Furaffinity(AstroP). It really means a lot to know that people might actually be willing to buy! I put my heart, time, and effort into each piece I make. Even if it's just a sketch.

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day!:p