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After Hours Doodles & Art Trades

Puppy Doll

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Hii, every buddy! Living far away from the states I'm often online when few other people are. But I wanna chat and draw for people, so here I am! So post your refs and I'll make you a sketch. If I like your character, I may eventually make it full color even. I need to expand my portfolio so maybe people will actually commission me. ^-^'

I love art, so if you'd like to do an art trade here are some references as well. Thanks so much!

Slot 5
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What an interesting character. o: Can you tell me about her personality so I can think of a good pose? Or feel free to suggest one.
A sassy girl, and slightly light-headed at times. But by no means she is a bad person.
She simply is very independent, and to an extend too stuborn for her own good.

Puppy Doll

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Truly a loveable piece to peek at. And a pretty good pose. I love it.
'xcept for the hand that's not fully shown.. But i 'spose i can't judge. I'm not better on that matter. D:
Actually that was the edge of the page so I couldn't finish the hand. ^-^' But I'm glad you like it!

@modfox I'd love to ^-^
@Skoggy Aww your dragon is absolutely adorable, I love the colors!


Could you draw jag?


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Hey there. I was wondering if you could draw my fursona Jack Jackal.

Jack is a 18 year old Jackal who lost his family in a house fire when he was 7. He had to learn how to survive on the streets quickly making him an expert thief after years of practice. he also trained himself how to use his father's sword which he carries all the time. A caring soul and kind heart, Jack is willing to lay his life on the line for his friends an the innocent. But underneath his good heart lies a destructive and ruthless spirit that has an unquenchable thirst for blood! When this side takes over Jack shows no mercy to friend or foe. For some odd reason each side of Jack has it's own appearance. The good side looking like a normal boy and the dark with messy and horrid fur sharp nails and pitch black clothes. Jack never Backs down from a challenge and often gets in over his head. But this Teen just doesn't know the meaning of quitting! It's go big or go home!

(let me know if you want colors)