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I'm 21 currently, started drawing when i was about 9? I was exposed to the internet supppeerr early. My first exposure to furries was through the Warrior cat fanbase so i would draw feral cats and eventually antro cats when i was 9-12 years old probably!


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Old enough to know better, yet young enough to still do it anyway.


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Mid to late twenties. I started to draw pretty much as soon as I could get my paws on a pen, pencil, or crayon. I didn't start drawing "furry" stuff until I was 14. I used to just pause animated Disney movies and draw the characters as best as I could. I didn't stop drawing until about 5 years ago. I kinda just got burned out.


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I began drawing when I was 21, going on 22. Truth be told, I began drawing in 2016 for an animation class, and ever since then, I've just practiced and practiced. :3


19 and am 21 rn


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Age: 23 Started drawing at 13. I’m really glad to see people who pick up drawing later in life. It makes me remember that art is a skill that can just be picked up like anything else.


I am 26. Started drawing when I was 17 but I don't do it constantly, my longest hiatus was over a year. A part in me regrets not drawing daily or even weekly because I would be so much better by now. However what's the point if I would not have enjoyed it. I only draw when I feel like it.


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It's encouraging to see a bunch of older people here. I turn 28 this year and I was beginning to think maybe I chose to enter (or in my case, re-engage) the fandom too late or something. @w@

I started drawing in high school and drew a bit more regularly during my time in community college, but after that I basically stopped and basically only draw if I need a ref for a character or if inspiration hits me.


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26, not entirely an artist, but I started scenery, photography, and writing back when I was about 8!


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22 now! Been drawing since I could hold a pencil and I just finished animation school. =w= but I like doing pretty much any other kind of craft like ceramics or needle felting.


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I'm 40 and unfortunately can't draw :-(


43. I started to draw when I was just a little kid. Eventually I got older, and I’m not afraid to admit when I suck at something… so I pretty much stopped a long time ago

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31, and it's refreshing to be in a space where people don't look at me like their grandma just showed up to the club.
Not much of an artist (though I do have a tablet and mess around from time to time) but I've been heavy into anthro characters since my Sonic phase in late elementary school, during which I made my first fursona without realizing that's what it was.

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I'm nineteen at the moment, though as for drawing, I started around...let me see....ten or so I believe. My designs are fairy simple ones, from stick figures, to actual bodies. It's nothing fancy compared to more skilled/more talented artists, but it's enough to get by with!


I was in line on opening night in 1977 for the FIRST Star Wars movie, same for Jaws... <you> feel old....
I am now approaching 105 years old (yeah, beat that youngsters!) and with my profound wisdom that has been bestowed upon me over the years, I feel I have achieved and accomplished my goal as an artist...

I have obtained the highest possible drawing skills known to mankind!

I believe great art is able to easily convey the feelings and true meaning depicted by the artist to the viewer!



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Oh sh*t-

Wrong picture =_=


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This picture puts forth my true feelings on display!

The depression I have fostered over time of my absolutely horrendous drawing skills!
105? Really? O:


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I'm twenty five, due to be twenty six this month. I've been drawing on and off since being a kid, however, I've been drawing much more often for the last two years.