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I am 29; will be 30 in less than a month. I started doodling as a toddler, but started to get somewhat serious about art at the age of 12. Started really improving ever since.


I'm 34 and I used to draw all the time (as a child - as soon as I was able to pick up a pencil) but life has gotten so hard for me that I am too stressed to draw much anymore.


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Currently 23, near 24. I picked up the very first steps of drawing when I was 21. Digital drawing is my profession, I just can't do pencil or pen very well at all. I prefer an undo button :)

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Currently 36, nearly 37.

Drawing... has been very sporadic with me. I used to be so bad at it as a child that the only way I could get anything recognizable was to trace. I did manage to draw something on my own a few years back. Life has been... weird with me.

I much prefer writing as an art form, thank you very much. And no, I don't think I could mix the two and do typography.


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Oh, it's so interesting to read this topic. I would like to say that you will never be too old to start doing something. And if you are embarrassed to publish something - please publish! It's important to share with the world what you create. I'm 21 years old. I'm young enough for an artist. And she started drawing at about 15-17 years old. But I was very afraid to publish somewhere. But since I started showing my creativity to people, I think my skill has grown.


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I understand how you feel about the skills developing- it's the truth, regardless of what skills you have. Use them and they will get better.


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Hello, Verona.
I turn 54 on the 25th.
I've been drawing since half 1 of 1977, when I was 8 yo. The initial inspiration was Wee Pals, a comicstrip created/written/drawn by
Morris Nolton "Morrie" Turner for the better part of fifty years.

I've been influenced by books I've read on Comics/Animation, by numerous Animated works, even commercials.

Unfortunately, a feeling that I should become a writer, plus self-doubt about my abilities, got to me, causing me to temporarily give up drawing for a time in half 1 of 1987.

Comicstrips/Comicbooks have been influences; so have industry publications.


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Just checked your FA profile, and your art is really good! As an adult who thought it was too late for me to learn to draw well, you've just inspired me.
Good! It's hard because you probably don't have as much free time as a teen or twenty-something. But it can be done.


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Currently I am 15 and I turn 16 in december.
I've been drawing since I was 10 and started drawing furries since I was 12 in febuary 2018: when I discovered the furry fandom.
I'm not bad at it, but I wouldn't consider myself an artist but just someone who enjoys art and design.


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Started drawing as young as 9, I’m 25 ^^


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31 and have gone nowhere with my life since I made this account. But that's okay, I'll make something of myself tomorrow, surely!