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Ah! Hello :D


numb with cold
I've only recently discovered this furry fandom, and I'm intrigued! :D
I have been drawing anthropomorphic creatures and characters for years now, but I still want to learn more about general anatomy. In the past I had personified myself as an animal, but never really thought anything of it, so only recently I stumbled across [... how would I say it?] the idea of being a furry and I think it's sounds remarkably fun! I always loved costuming, and fursuiting seems like an epic step up from it. I'll do my best to jump right in here and try to understand what's going on. Wish me luck!

-tl;dr- I'm new and I draw too much!


Your days are numbered!
Welcome to the Fandom and Forum! Should get use to the crazy-ness soon enough. :)