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AI Storytime, But More Epic!


uh I can explain?
So you guys know the AI storytime thread, right? The one where you use the website, Talk to Transformer? Well, I have a much larger and cooler source of AI generated content!

Home - AI Dungeon

It's like all those old text adventure games. The only problem with those is that they never understood what you typed in. In AI Dungeon 2, you can type any action, or say anything and the AI will continue the story! There are also multiple scenarios (Fantasy, Apocalyptic, Mystery, Etc.) and user created scenarios. Post the results of your grand adventure here!


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Just a short excerpt...
You are Jehosepat, a volunteer living at the largest privately owned big cat zoo in the world. You have a five-dollar bill and a blue shirt. You are working hard hoping the owners will notice and promote you. You decide to surprise the zoo owners by going out for lunch with your girlfriend.

> You burn the bill.
"Hey guys! I'm here!"

The owner of the zoo looks up from his computer and sees you. He smiles and waves you over. "Oh my god, it's him! It's really him!"

> You shake the owner's hand.
You grab the owner's hand and shake it enthusiastically. The owner is impressed that you recognize him so quickly.

> You tighten grasp.
You squeeze harder and say, "I've been looking all over for you."

He says, "Well, we're glad to see you too. What do you want?

> You hug.
You embrace him tightly and say, "We were just talking about how much fun you'd be having here.

> You firmly pat owner's back.
You press your body against the owner's and say, "I know you must be tired from work but I think we should go now.

> You kisses the owner.
You kiss him passionately on the lips and say, "Thank you for letting me come here today."

He smiles and says, "It was nothing. We'll talk later."