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AI Storytime!


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This is an easy one: go to this website and give it a promising first line to a story, then see what it comes up with. Separate out the bit you supplied so we can see how good it was!

Talk to Transformer

Face me, evil-doers! And if any of the enemies of the good are found in your presence, I will do what any good Christian father would have done and cast them out. And I will do it with such boldness that the whole house will clap their hands, my dear children, and cheerfully say, 'Now is a perfect hour, this is the hour of all good men.' Now is the hour of all saints!"

With this prophecy, and more, He made manifest His great plan of action. He warned Hezekiah that if he did not leave Judah, it would be worse than slaughtering His children (see Heb. 14:21). He gave the words of Jeremiah (11:3–12), in which Hezekiah reproached God for destroying the cities of Judah and Jerusalem and condemning the inhabitants to death.

This statement brought forth the greatest indignation among the Jews, and it was one, they said, that would destroy all Israel. So after the king asked for a meeting with the prophets, one of them said to them, "I will give

[EDIT] Since Talk to Transformer is no longer working so well, here's an alternative found by @metatherat
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I just hit the 'refresh' button with the same first line and the second one was even better:

Face me, evil-doers! I am the Dark Lady of Terror, and with your help… I shall conquer the world!

-Abe, The Lord of The Rings

-It was an amazing thing to see her on the runway!

-Oh...my...heart...pulse...(I can't breathe)

-I'll get...a room...for you...if you want one...

She can use her super strength to push people back with the power of light!

This dress is so sexy

The colors are inspired by the darkness of the night.

-I didn't even really understand what the colors were. I mean...it's just a fancy dress, right?

-Ya know, it's a pretty thing, but it's just like...just a dress.

-It would look really good on the face of a guy, though.

-How's that going to fit when the skirt part is cut? -Ya know my heart...pulse...(I can't breathe)

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Vengeance was the only thing on her mind.

"They could be anywhere," said Cinder, "You are not a bad woman."

Cinder paused, "That is not the point, you will have to let them in. They are coming to get me."

"No, we are not coming, Cinder." Pyrrha raised the weapons above her head and held them ready.

"We are not here to play," Cinder said firmly.

"We are not the guards you seek to control."

"The only point we are here to control is your own mind."

"The only point we are to control is us." Cinder clenched her teeth and pulled the triggers on the pistols, firing three shots at Pyrrha. The shots hit their mark. Pyrrha stepped back, stunned. Cinder let out a yelp as she felt her Aura being damaged and she screamed out. As her Aura started to collapse and go weak, Cinder shot the other Ruby. Before she could recover, the final Ruby was fired at, this time Pyrrha, and shot her


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Quite ghoulish, this.

I had succeeded, but that wasn't the end of it.
The next day I went up to the building and found that there was a pile of broken glass everywhere. I looked for something I could have been there to help with. But there was no one. It all was just... empty."

At least until now. With help from a few key items, Nihoul was able to open the door on his own accord.

What he now uncovered was an infirmary...

It's a place where people die without a chance to recover from the trauma they've undergone. Nihoul had been inside the infirmary, and saw corpses there, corpses that never really went away. It could have been a whole class of corpses, all of them completely dead. However, the corpses that remained seemed to be the remnants of one that hadn't died, as if these people had been kept alive to serve as a resource.

Nihoul's eyes were filled with pity at what he saw.

"A person like Léon Gagnon could have so easily saved himself by hiding in


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She slowly awoke, with a stinking headache.
The first thought that came to her mind was to get out the door. Her vision was blurry and she struggled to keep the headache from escalating, but she had to get out of the apartment. She slowly looked around the room before remembering there were only two of her roommates.

After she was sure the rest of them were still asleep, she quickly looked outside, only to find everything in the room had apparently been emptied out. The last thing she saw was the TV, which was apparently destroyed.

"What the hell were you doing up so late?" her roommate yelled angrily, before grabbing her by the shoulders and dragging her out of the room.

"We went out to a late night get-together with a few friends. We were trying to go to dinner, but this idiot ran out the door." she complained, before getting up and getting ready for bed.

"I'm sorry," the brunette apologized, "I just don't get that we're friends."

"So, it's you?" A tall blonde boy


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(Sorry for the double post but I tried a little experiment. I let the auto suggest on my phone do my bit of the idea and the AI did the rest)

The international community and the Bahamas cruise ship
industry have responded by providing humanitarian relief in the wake of the disaster. Thousands of citizens of the US, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the US Commonwealth have joined in relief efforts.

"We are proud of our efforts on behalf of the many Americans who have made the effort to assist the Caribbean islands and people affected by this devastating storm," said U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), who also chairs the U.S. House Subcommittee on Disasters. "I also thank our law enforcement, rescue and volunteer teams across the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico who have made the effort to provide humanitarian aid to the people of the Caribbean."

She said the committee was "pleased" to be able to discuss the "important issues raised by the recent and tragic hurricane in the Caribbean."

The Hurricane Irma relief conference, hosted by the Caribbean and US Disaster Assistance Authority, took place on Saturday. Members of USVI and the Virgin Islands' communities have been working to identify and offer help to their fellow


Side note: The first 3 iterations just gave me random Twitter handles and told me to subscribe.

This is our end, isn't it?
You don't understand. We gave her the final warning. She did not listen until now and now she'll never listen."

His son took all the blame for this. In his eyes it was all his fault. "I will not forgive him. It was my fault as he had a son. A son that did not deserve to die."

"Your son did. Your son had already suffered the pain this world had to offer, did he not?" I shook my head. "But as you are young, in your heart your son was right, even he, for all his sins, would have believed he would die."

"Yes, he did. And even my son would not have wished that on his own. I only regret this, as he was my only son."

"That's what is right in our hearts? You do not even understand. His son had an obligation to the Lord that the Lord had entrusted to you to protect. And yet you do not care. It's just not natural for a person to be so

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Ok, I was pretty impressed by this.

For the Emperor!

To the Emperor!" he cried. "The Emperor has already gone mad!"

There came a terrible noise, and the people were terrified.

"The Emperor has gone mad! The Emperor has gone mad!" there came a horrible shriek from all along the great road.

All night long, for many kilometres, the people were shriving with terror; they knew not whether it was thunder or an earthquake, so terrible was the shrieking. At last they gave up hope.

Suddenly, a young man appeared. He was carried away at full speed by the wind, and so flew into the woods on the bank of the river. He was never seen again.

When the people began to realize that the Emperor had become delirious, they were very sad.

On the sixth day the Emperor appeared before them. "My friends," he cried, "I'm so very tired that the doctors are not able to cure me. I wish I were already dead, and so my friends might say, 'You are quite right


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There is so little to remember of anyone - an anecdote, a conversation at a table. But every memory is turned over and over again, every word, however chance, written in the heart in the hope that memory will fulfill itself, and become flesh, and that the wanderers will find a way home, and the perished, whose lack we always feel, will step through the door finally and stroke our hair with dreaming habitual fondness not having meant to keep us waiting long.

It is just as the wanderers were left behind, as the wind is lifted by the leaves, just as they left behind the flowers and shadows. And yet - they are still wandering through the same dark place. They are still in the world and they are still in this life. They know how it feels when one is still in the womb; but they know even less of the reality of the soul, and its power of resistance.

One of us will never be there; just as the wind is always lifted up by leaves, just because the leaves are the leaves that grow the wind, and have the same power of flight as birds; and it is so with the souls of those wanderers.


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The dragon circled above the British Armada, wondering if they knew she was there.

Toady came back up, and took off at a run. He had almost reached the other end of the river when he began to get wet.

"What's that?" was all Clyde could get out.


Clyde saw a shadow move up behind Toady, and it looked as though something was holding him up.

"No way! What the hell's a cat doing all the way across the river all by its lonesome, if it's not trying to get back to the British Armada?"

Toady kept running. The moonlight made his fur stand up in soft waves. Clyde gave a half-hearted wag of his tail.

"Don't worry. I'll get the others to stop for me, and we'll get you home soon. I swear, it feels so cozy here." he muttered as he ran.

The two British sailors on the other side of the river called out to him, trying to keep up with his gallop

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Merry Christmas!

The first week of October will be one of my favourite months for the New Zealand ski world, with a lot of action! The NZLs start out with a double snowfall – on New Zealand's third and second firsts, the first day with 30 cm (11") (New Zealand/Australia) and the second with 28 cm (11") (NZ/Australia). However, the snow conditions are not as good as they are on average during early October. Snow will remain on the mountains throughout the weekend with a low of 10 degrees Celsius (-5 degrees Fahrenheit) on Monday, and a high of 12 degrees Celsius (37 degrees Fahrenheit) on Wednesday.

As mentioned above, we'll get several early starts around the country, with three in Auckland, three in Christchurch and one in Napier. The other two in Auckland are either in Christchurch or Wairarapa respectively, and Christchurch has an early start from the early morning on Tuesday (October 1) to the early afternoon on Thursday (October 2). Wairarapa has two early


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It's dangerous to go alone, take this time with a friend and come back when you're ready- and remember, you're a monster who needs help.

And as you walk away from here, remember: that monster has just learned to hate you.

But if you're going to stay, find us at the Inn, and rest.


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Ok, this one is just SPOOKILY accurate:

Today, Donald Trump doesn't need a teleprompter. He doesn't need a book. He doesn't need special treatment. He just needs to get the job done. And that's what he's done all year long. He's done a great job."

Trump made his own version of his first speech in Cleveland after winning the Republican presidential primary, in which he delivered a speech that was largely inspired by a similar remarks he made in April in New York. He had delivered a similar speech in the fall of 2015 , in Phoenix , and had used it frequently in 2016.

He gave a pair of the remarks in Cleveland on Tuesday.

"I mean, my whole life has been a success, it's been an amazing thing, because people have given me a lot of respect and that's all to show, I would gladly give them a lot more if I ever went back to the primaries and they wouldn't vote for me and then I would go back in," he said. "If I've done a good job, that would be amazing if I could, you

Sir Thaikard

Ok, this one is just SPOOKILY accurate:

Today, Donald Trump doesn't need a teleprompter. He doesn't need a book. He doesn't need special treatment. He just needs to get the job done. And that's what he's done all year long. He's done a great job."

Trump made his own version of his first speech in Cleveland after winning the Republican presidential primary, in which he delivered a speech that was largely inspired by a similar remarks he made in April in New York. He had delivered a similar speech in the fall of 2015 , in Phoenix , and had used it frequently in 2016.

He gave a pair of the remarks in Cleveland on Tuesday.

"I mean, my whole life has been a success, it's been an amazing thing, because people have given me a lot of respect and that's all to show, I would gladly give them a lot more if I ever went back to the primaries and they wouldn't vote for me and then I would go back in," he said. "If I've done a good job, that would be amazing if I could, you



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(Ok let's try this with a different politician)

Today Winston Churchill said the best response to hate by the media was "the truth". That truth is the truth about how far we have come since those dark and frightening days and it's a truth we need to be open about again if we want to be in a position to change things for the better in Britain in the 21st century. "If there is any truth in Churchill's words, it is that we must put our minds to something and get back on the right track," concluded Iain Duncan Smith.

What we now know has been hidden from the people of Britain for too long and it is why we need a leader who will lead us through the darkest times to deliver real change for our country. I am the right man to do what is needed to fight this battle for what feels as if it is no longer just a matter of the political left, but the political right.

We must make sure those who have been forgotten in our society are heard as much as those with no right to be alive. That's the only way that we will ever beat the forces of


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Tickle the fox, the skunk, and the raccoon!

How can it be that you can kill a fox but not kill the skunk or the raccoon, and yet you can kill any animal and have that animal's life spared?"

"No, sir," Custer said, "I never killed any living thing; it's only when I got my teeth raked out, and had to get my claws chewed off and the horn off, and saw the skin of my body ripped down off my limbs to give me something to chew on. I never went hunting, except in times of desperate need; and you must understand, when we came to Montana we saw plenty of buffalo—the worst we ever saw on the earth!

"But now you come with this—how could we get through the country with nothing to eat?"

"How can we, if we got all our food in tents?"

"How can I, if I got to get it all in my coat, and all on me?"

"Oh, sir, I believe I'd be a fool to refuse you permission!


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The budgie let rip an enormous fart, but then turned around to look at me with those cute little eyes of his. Then he walked over to his bag and took out the cigarette. He blew his smoke into the bag and took out a long strip of yellow paper and began to roll the paper up. He looked at me for a moment before shaking his head. Then he looked off into the trees, and then into the distance. As he walked off he looked over from time to time to make sure that I wasn't looking. The fart was gone, and not a fart was in the air anymore.

It happened once before to me. When I lived in the suburbs of Boston in the early 90's that was probably a million times worse, but it still burned for a while and had pretty severe lungs and spleen damage. My girlfriend and I were standing at a busy street corner on a Sunday afternoon, and I thought I heard a crackling crackle. I looked over to see if there was a group of people walking past us, and there didn't seem to be, so I thought it


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Two thousand bees suddenly erupted from the football field, buzzing all over the place. It wasn't surprising; that's the kind of thing you expect. But there were so many, and they were very loud. Suddenly, I felt like I couldn't breathe.

I was just trying to keep my voice level.

"There you go," a girl said. "I heard you, didn't I?" She stood up and came over to us. She was in good spirits, but the bees had still been buzzing.

"You guys did so good," she said. "They did everything."

I felt a tinge of sadness in the voice, as if I had not really believed her.

"Thanks," I said. "I feel so dumb."

The girl handed me a flyer and explained more about the bees: They were from a neighboring state, she said, and that they would be arriving in the coming several days. They were also in league with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

I was a little uneasy about being in the park again


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Sally groaned, looking slightly relieved that she had not gotten any closer. "I thought the others were going to show up."

"Yeah, it's good luck," Ginny said as she made another pass over the group. "I don't think they had any idea that I was here. Did I say something right?"

"Yeah," Hermione nodded. "You said so, too, at least once."

"Thank you, Hermione," Sally said. "It's been fun!"

They were now inside a cave. The floor was stone, with a bit of earth stuck in there. Sally put more money into the stone-floor, to make it hard and sturdy. It probably would have collapsed sooner, had not Ginny stepped on it. In retrospect, Ginny had said it was a good idea, before she got caught and crushed into the stone. She'd also been pretty excited about it. Her heart raced at once, and her cheeks swelled a little. Molly had warned her that, when Hermione and Sally were inside, there was danger of suffocation


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The meaning of life

Why do we want to live?

Our nature/ destiny/ spirit

Why do we want to be?

Our existence is an act of love

Why do we wish to exist?

Because our lives are not what we would have it to be

This world we're living in is a game

A story with no end

Why do we want to live?

Because we're not human

Why do we want to be?

Because everything in this world is the real us

When you live a true life, you can never lose.

Cause that, in a manner of speaking, is life.

"If you want to live well, live truthfully and freely, and you may find that your life as a matter of fact is, indeed: life. For to live for your own needs is an abomination, since without any means of self-reward, and because of a desire which is neither right nor good, but which only seeks to be good for itself


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After paying $50,000 for a Velvet Elvis painting, a New York collector is now in possession of four works by one of the artists.

Auctioneers Christie's New York in London said it was "exciting news" to reveal it had brought a piece by the former Velvet Elvis artist Paul Williams to London from his studio in New York before selling it.

Williams died in 1973 and was remembered by collectors, who paid up to $5m (£3.2m) each in the 1960s for his large-scale murals and installations.

According to The Sunday Telegraph, the piece, entitled "The Queen and the Princess", will be auctioned on 18 June at the British art auction house after being held in storage for 11 years.

Williams was a close friend of one of the most famous artists of the 19th Century - Jackson Pollock - who was also a friend of the Queen, as well as the inventor of Pollock's famous blue ink. He sold his first solo exhibition in 1963 of paintings and sculptures produced during his lifetime for $4,000 (£2,100).


The exhausted scientist fell to the floor, broken by his efforts.
As he lay there, he noticed that the scientist was surrounded by shrieking Monokumas. Once the Monokuma crew had escaped, he stumbled back to the lab, carrying his weary body. He felt his mind begin to drift again, but the Monokuma scientists noticed his wandering eyes and shrieking from a distant area and swiftly closed them, lest they encourage the beast to linger.

Mikage's Drive

After the Monokumas were defeated and the doctor began to recover from his near-death experience, he entered his mother's lab to get her address and prepare for their departure to their new home. He left his mother's lab for the last time that day.


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I thought it was a great idea to eat these cactii. They seemed to make for a satisfying dinner, they just didn't exactly taste like how I remember a classic, dark cactus. I'd like to find a cactus that does.

(Sadly after this it's just a bunch of lists, started quite well though)


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Burger Fox™ announces two for one Mischief Meals, in all Vulpine Valley, Skunk Hollow and Raccoon Ridge Locations! Hurry on down to your nearest Vulpine Valley Saloon™ and order a double-chocolate The Wild Rice Creme with Whipped Granola™ - for $7.99. Then order a hot and spicy or a Smokey Sweet Chili Mac for only $6.99! Don't miss these special, and delicious offers all throughout the weekend!


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Thrashy the skunk went to a Metal concert. He was headbanging and moshing, when suddenly a bunch of bored-looking hippies ran up to him and began hootin' and hollerin', takin' their hats off and pullin' their legs up.

"How you feelin' Thrashers?" they asked him.

"The fuck?" yelled Thrashy.

"The FUCK? I'm from the fuckin' Science Fiction world. Who is here?" they chanted.

"I'm from the metal world." Thrashy replied.

"Who are you?" the group asked him again.

"I'm Thrashy the Skunk." He said.