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AI Storytime!



"What happens after Scooby Doo eats a whole box of Scooby snacks?... A Scooby Doo Doo!"

"The hell man?! Who hired you as an entertainer?"

"Everyone knows that I'm the fastest guy in the room!"

"He actually made me faint!"

"Someone save me."

"I swear to God, if I don't get it together, he'll jump off a bridge."

"I'm good. Just don't hurt the dog."

"Aha. All these gags make me look more like a freak than the real Scooby Doo."

"He's just asking for it!"

"Beep beep."

"Lookie, Dad!"

"Aye aye, Bob!"

"Now now, T.J. We all know that that dog is a piece of shit."

"Get in line, OK?"

"Don't want to get in the way of the big father show."

"How do I get my poop in the panda's poop bucket?"

"A girl goes to the doctor, and then there's nothing left of her."

"You think I'm a dog?"

"I get the feeling."


Пу́тин — хуйло́! Слава Україні! FckNzs.
Freddie the Arctic Fox was walking through the Celtic Frost of the northern winter. He had seen snow and ice on earth many times, but never at this time of the year. In the outer reaches of the Arctic he had become familiar with the bitter cold and wore his fur wrapped around his body from head to toe. This was not his natural form. A sound from the wind caught his ear and he looked up in curiosity to see where it came from. A squirrel ran up his arm and into his fur, and the fox gave chase. A few more steps, and then the fur started falling off and onto the ground. With great effort he caught the squirrel and ran off with him to find the source of the sound.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
>be me

>be working
????#2 tee tee tie knitted tie

>be in Argentina >be getting married

>be in your world >come to these web pages

>be real ???? #3 knife sharpener knife

>be tied to a chair

>be fired

>be in a room that has the same view every time you turn it

>be what you want ???? #4 toenail care package

>be in the middle of nowhere >sound of cutting toenail

>be not chained and free #5 some daily journal newspaper page

>be not in Argentina

>be here in here

>beat up husband

>watch dogs for an


Definitely not a lizard
"They're taking the hobbits to isengard!"

"Yippee!" yelled Bilbo.

"Bolbo needs to go first," said the landlord, stamping his feet. "Now, we'll take them up to your place, but they'll have to wait until the after-party!"

The hobbits said, "Righto," and walked off to the hobbit-hole to settle themselves for the trip up. The landlord, with a waving of his forefinger, saw them go and gave Bilbo a broad leer, then whistled and said, "All right, now—you've come a long way; you'll have plenty of time for dinner, and go through 'isengard!' you can find


Pirate Fox Mom
One does not simply walk into Mordor. One enters Mordor."


When asked whether the Pirates have 'greed to destroy the Ring,' he said: "They think that any distance from it is an enticement and that only death can claim it. They would rather kill, than not kill."

As the Hobbit trilogy draws to a close, I can see the end result being a loose continuation of the original trilogy with no clear standard for comparison.

Are the early films really the best in terms of quality? The first film (Peter Jackson's 1996 animated adaptation) proved that Peter Jackson knew how to tell a story, but it didn't deliver on the greatness of later films. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (


Definitely not a lizard
"My precious!" Said smeagol _____ "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!" "mhh!"


Pirate Fox Mom
Anakin, my allegiance is to the republic to democracy! For freedom! I saw through the Force, my hopes and dreams were all dashed." ―A young Anakin Skywalker reflects on how he became Darth Vader [src]

Vader soon turned his focus to hunting down the last of the Jedi Masters in order to learn their Jedi secrets. Together with a team of ex-Jedi, Vader located the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi at an ancient fortress on the planet Teth. With the assistance of the Togruta Vizago and the devious former Imperial astromech droid R2-D2, Vader traveled to Teth aboard his super tactical shuttle, the Invincible. While on Teth, Vader confronted Kenobi, but was defeated by the Jedi Master


Пу́тин — хуйло́! Слава Україні! FckNzs.
The church dislikes Heavy Metal music, because it is known to induce zombies. The church's basement contains a "Sin Store", where the church generates new sin. It's also where Evangelists gather to torment each other. [39]

Many of the steps leading to the church itself are broken, and makeshift barricades place throughout. [40]

The organ installed in front of the church, playing Black Sabbath's "Master Of Reality", is quite loud.

Finn notes that the church has a "hot tub", but in the beginning of the episode, the tub is locked.


Definitely not a lizard
"The senate will decide your fate" said Windu
"I am the senate!"
The Falcon exclaims "Then vote to give Obi-Wan power to protect the council and his friends, not destroy them"
Then Windu grabs Obi-Wan by his neck, bends him over the table and he rips off his head and throws it on the floor "No, I'm no Senator. I'm one of them." the Senator grunts
"I expect you to be proven otherwise", Anakin continues to protest
"No, you're not Obi-Wan. You're a disgrace to the senate and the Jedi ways. You're going to kill yourself! I want you to choose the honor and dignity of serving the senate over the compassion of working to escape my clutches


Пу́тин — хуйло́! Слава Україні! FckNzs.
Mr. Pawpsicle brings @Simo a cup of his special Hors d'Oeuvres, the classic Belgian brew that is brewed every year in Monceau for charity. "It's a bit syrupy, but I like it," he says. "And it's fruity and lovely."

Just as Mr. Perelman has taken over in 1992, the surprise runs in the streets when Mike Pawpsicle, now just an accountant, takes his turn behind the wheel of a Blackberry. With his green-rimmed sunglasses and unwieldy eyebrows, he looks more like a former firefighter than a brewery founder.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
(wow... @Ravofox and @Izzy4895 ...this is really pretty accurate : P )

"I'm gonna tell, I'm gonna tell!", Ravofox squealed. "Oh Yeah? Well Mr. Pawpsicle doesn't care if I jump up and down on the couch, and bop you with a pillow!", Izzy Fox exclaimed.

"You be a good boy or else, you get hell to pay.", Ravofox warned. "I can live with that!" Izzy Fox confidently replied, taking the pole out of Ravofox's hands. "Oh I can live with that!", he pouted, taking the pole out of Izzy Fox's hands. Izzy Fox looked around the library before calmly asking the stack of books in the middle of the room to make their way up to him, forgetting for a moment that he was on the floor.


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(wow... @Ravofox and @Izzy4895 ...this is really pretty accurate : P )

"I'm gonna tell, I'm gonna tell!", Ravofox squealed. "Oh Yeah? Well Mr. Pawpsicle doesn't care if I jump up and down on the couch, and bop you with a pillow!", Izzy Fox exclaimed.

"You be a good boy or else, you get hell to pay.", Ravofox warned. "I can live with that!" Izzy Fox confidently replied, taking the pole out of Ravofox's hands. "Oh I can live with that!", he pouted, taking the pole out of Izzy Fox's hands. Izzy Fox looked around the library before calmly asking the stack of books in the middle of the room to make their way up to him, forgetting for a moment that he was on the floor.

hehehe!!! definitely!!! XD

(here is one apparently narrated by David Attenborough, featuring @Spilogale Pygmaea :D)

Spilogale Pygmaea the spotted skunk did a handstand. His set-up was a bit different from this exercise. He crawled towards the water where he lowered his head over the surface. The surface was a deep sand, and the skunk's steps appeared to be mostly in the water.

YouTube Video

Whales Whales are birds, not mammals. They are sometimes called "sea cows." They do not have the hair coat we see on cats and dogs. Instead, their hair coat appears to be of very thin keratin, which holds all of their keratin together. They have large tusks, and many have spines on their sides and their tails. A whale has a life expectancy of around 60 years. However, sperm...


back to Aussie foxying!

Scott Morison shook a firefighter's hand without permission.

Morison shouted something over and over, including: "We're going to get you a new jumper now."

Morison was arrested and charged with assault.

He appeared in court and is to be back in court next month.

Police officers arrested Morison and took him


Professional Watermelon Farmer
"Get your grubby paws off my stash", the Bulldog barked.

"I'm takin' this loot 'cause it's money my daddy made!", the rabbit retorted.

The raccoon grabbed the gun and started walking away when everyone started laughing.

"Wait, not that gun! Those are lightsabers", the fat little gray panda said, shoving it in the rabbit's face and waving it around.

"That's a mistake! Those're fake lightsabers!", the rabbit screamed at them.

"What?! Those are real! With holograms!" the rabbit tried to use his laser sight. "You're gonna need a real one to cut open that little box", the raccoon said, grabbing


No! I'm not going to do a ref sheet of your naked humpbacked grandfather! Yes, I'll turn up the volume for you, but I'm sorry to disappoint you. We're both grown-up men now."

He is shot down and declared insane by some British medical professionals. Thankfully, Kevin McHale is in the audience and knows to use the ref sheet for his fellow guests, at least until they're done with it. And our good friend Tyler Perry is out and having some fun with it too.

So let's examine the bizarre scene that quickly surfaced online, and get to the bottom of what's going on.


Pirate Fox Mom
Innocent @Simo walked around his watermelon patch, checking the naughty foxes @Ravofox and @Izzy4895 weren't up to mischief. "Hey, Simo! I thought it would be funny if you and me entered the watermelon patch. You should try jumping in after me!"

"Jumping into the watermelon patch? You mean jumping into a cluster of watermelons? That sounds easy, it's no problem." Everyone but Kitano couldn't help the gleam in his eye as he walked toward the watermelon patch.

But then the two ran into the smiley-faced devil raccoon and the hamster, who had stayed close behind, and he saw that these two would be better friends with him. He saw that the girls in


Professional Watermelon Farmer
"Get off my lawn!", The Alligator roared.

"You ain't got no lawn!", the possums giggled.

"That's not the point! Get off anyway!"
the Alligator roared.

As the possums began to flee, the Alligator grew more agitated. A metallic grating crackled, then a burst of bright sparks surrounded the creature. What looked like glass shards began to descend from the Alligator's mouth. Without warning, the glass shattered against the Alligator's head and grabbed hold of the creature's jaw, stopping the creature's breath and forcing it to let out a loud "WHAP!" sound. The Alligator's head exploded into a shower of violent pink and yellow sparks. As its blue eyes turned blue


Totally not a vampire
"Make a contract with me," the demon said resolutely.
"And why would I do that?" the witch asked, backing away.
you've let a lot of strangers into your life. There's no one to protect you now, and I'm probably the only one who can really do it."
"I didn't want strangers, I wanted safe walls that others don't see," the witch said calmly.
"I know. That's why I told you I was sending out a request to all the black beasts. Offer them a place to live in the Ghost World."
The witch considered that for a moment. Then, she gave her reply.
"Are you sure? You might be wasting your time. You can't change the

(...did this turn into a young adult novel? :confused:)


Professional Watermelon Farmer
"Late to bed, late to rise makes a fox salivate, beg and kiss you in surprise"
– Fyodor Dostoevsky

The sirens don't scare me, they didn't scare me the first night. The first night I woke up at 11.28 am with the fox crooning my name. The fox cried, it bit me on the back of the neck and leapt on my back to chase me in the darkness. One at a time they turned into soft blond lights, like Christmas lights and then it was still lights, eyes and ears. It's not that they're scared of me anymore, it's just that when they see me, they turn into screams of chaos and pain. Then it just closes its eyes and sinks into an exhaustion.


Totally not a vampire
The mad wizard suddenly burst out of the closet, wielding a paper accordion. He ran straight towards the closet door. "What the hell are you waiting for? Open up or I'll call the monkey cops," he shouted menacingly. "Okay," my dad quickly replied. We all slowly opened the closet door, and out poured our new not-yet-named companion. He was dressed as a familiar little jester that parents would have been constantly handing out to the kids at school. "Tell me," he said, "who's the Prince?"
My dad scanned his eyes, and my brother ruffled his hair. "Prince," he said softly, "my dad just gave me this. I gave him

( these are fun :3 )


Totally not a vampire
okay I know I just posted one, but the ending on this one!

"Run! It's the paper moon!"

He whipped his head around. "What! The paper moon is bleeding an… animal? Why would it bleed an animal!?" He shouted.

Kagami became skeptical. "Is he even that…"

Chikage poured on a smile. "Yes he is, Kagami-san. Let us go, shall we?"

He hurried to obey.

The two of them scampered off from the school, all the while Kagami tried to think of an explanation for this phenomenon.

"Uh…" She pointed at a dozen or so kabuto-insects in the grass. "I think we're seeing the will of the moon."

Kagami shot Chikage


Пу́тин — хуйло́! Слава Україні! FckNzs.
I was waiting for the Saucerful of secrets, when the wheezing fire-chariots came. I had just felt a chill and thought that the devil must have done it. Then they were all all flying round and round like steam-spins, so wonderfully slow and silent that I could hardly hear a word of the steam-chariots' stifled voices. All the fire-chariots had tails and appeared to be lashed to the ground. What astonishment!--how could so many fire-chariots be moving so slowly? There had been a noise outside and the mob had pulled the valves, and the lower stables appeared to be groaning loudly


Professional Watermelon Farmer
"The Devil is in the donuts", T. W. Fox muttered to himself, as he fired up the press and ran off a sheet of counterfeit $100 Bills. "But one thing's certain: Boss Fox is really gonna love these!"

In a panic, he set off into the nightmare hallways, feeling as though he were stumbling in an open sewer. Many of the rooms had empty, half-eaten donuts lying around.

"What have I gotten myself into," Fox thought, "This is my worst nightmare. I'm gonna be fried and in the trash can, on the basis of a, a…" His mind went blank. He had never been in a dream before.

He regained his senses, and he realized he was sitting inside


Explosion loving skooma cat
Donald Trump is forever impeached. And that's a beautiful thing." -- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 15, 2017

The success of Trump's election is all the more remarkable in that it came after a 2016 in which, following the American electorate's rejection of the political establishment, he had to settle for a "party of no" as the ultimate result.

His election came in spite of the fact that a Republican majority in both the House and the Senate served to block him from passing most of his agenda, even as Democrats insisted they would obstruct Trump from even taking office.


The Terror of Godzilla in Fun-Size!
I decided to start off my story with a few magic words. Instead, I got a Wikipedia on a Belgian-Egyptian Pop Group

Reem Kaleem, Ali Baba!
Since 1990, this Belgian-Egyptian female duo have been sharing a free-style epic that blends musicality with energetic rhythmic sway. R&B spun by Aqueous Style blurs the lines between noise and soul music, creating music that feels like you're falling into the beat of a rave. The lyrics are strong and fully realized, even the words you hear on their new single "Go Pro" are born of an improvisational process. Ali Baba! first appeared in 1990 on the Deviant label, but it didn't take long for it to grow in popularity. The group's debut album, The Outrun, appeared in 1992 and was picked up by Deezer Records. The Outrun quickly made it into the