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AI Storytime!


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Minty Cheetah, T. R. Mouse and Ravo Fox gasped, when they learned that Australia and the UK had been fused, into one land mass, somewhere off the coast of New Jersey. They saw Sydney, Australia and Liverpool, England as well, emerging from a sea of green, yet without a coast or any other real land forms to differentiate it from the landmass below. They saw several very large black objects coming out of the ocean, burning up in the surrounding vacuum of the Bermuda Triangle, and then vanishing. They saw an unidentified, unidentified vessel in the distance, the entire area illuminated by gigantic, alien-like phosphorescent beams, and seeing all these incredible sights,


Sairn the Majestic
Dancing with the dead is a sure fire way to find a zombie bride.

Don't make me tell you why. Read on for the review!


If you're anything like me you're always late to the party when it comes to the Geek & Sundry's reviewing program, so here goes.

My Review

If you've seen any of the previews and previews (not my reviews) then you've already seen Jonathon Dornbush's (Dementia's author) skill at writing short and high speed evocations of horror from the 1920's into the 1920's. He makes zombies sexy and engrossing, and he proves to be a terrific writer.

Don't get me wrong, I am a fan


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"I don't know about you, but I feel like dancin'!", the fox yelled, ripping off his clothes, and swaying his hips to the dirty boogie.

"Come on, DJ Sparkles, this is your night! You've got your groove!"
Curious, Link turned to ask, "So, who are you, exactly?"
"I'm DJ Sparkles, I dance like no one's watching!"
The new dancer clapped his hands as he rolled around in his seats, having the time of his life. "Oh my god, this is so amazing! I can't believe it! I've wanted to try this for so long!"
Link thought for a moment. "Well,


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(why am I so addicted to these???)

Simo zipped the macho dragon in the Pinkie Pie suit, and gave him a spanking. "Now you're stuck being a cute, little Pony! Ha, ha, ha!", and the skunk did a bratty little dance.

"What a funny joke, little Pony!", Twilight announced. "Oops!", Robot Brony squealed.

Pinkie Pie looked like she was about to explode.

"Well, I think you need some praise, little Pony. But, you've gotta learn how to control your girlfriend. Otherwise, all your pranks are gonna fall on deaf ears.", she was all ready to cut the poor Pinkie Pie in half.

"Pfft... really?", Robot Brony couldn't believe


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(why am I so addicted to these???)
Because they're great? :D

Thrashy the Skunk was setting the controls for the heart of the sun. An albatross was hanging overhead motionless in the air, and said: "One inch of love is one inch of shadow.
Love is the shadow that ripens the wine!"
Thrashy then
got the ball out of his hands and placed it in the middle of the eye of the sun. The Sun rose out of the earth with a fair small thrust of its bare wing. Thrashy looked into the beating heart of the sun and started his munch. The new sun was shining forth with fiery radiance, the flame went into thrashy's mouth like a lightning bolt. Thrashy's was growing redder and redder and the sun was raising more.


back to Aussie foxying!
Two skunks, @Simo and @Spilogale Pygmaea , strolled arrogantly into @Thrashy's bar. Thrashy knew these two were trouble and ordered Elias to deal with them. The fighters moved to confront the three long-eared punks, with Elias ready to fight. The fight was short and swift, and the three skunks retreated with a smug, "heheh". Thrashy inquired if Elias would fight the two skunks, but Elias could not understand the word "men". Frustrated, Thrashy continued his search for a free meal, and he tried to buy bread with his points, but was confronted by one of those two dungbeetle-pistols who was known to sell anything for five centenarian points.

blue sky love

This one time at band camp is a moment I will never forget. Maybe the only time. In the building you had five guys right next to you, not an inch more. We were all so focused on each other, practice and games that you'd turn to the next guy and say, "Mate! Hi!" He'd nod and say, "Hey man! Love your channel too, what's on it?" It was a fast-paced and intense atmosphere; everyone in the band was fiercely competitive. It was so much fun, in part because I was the only one who always looked like he was having fun. He'd be nodding off and I'd be loving the apocalypse.

Moomins is one of my favourite animated shows ever. It has done an incredible job


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"You can't just murder people who have a different opinion on music," the fletcher whined.
"That's bullshit," the assassin protested.

"That's the problem with people, you never know what to believe," the fletcher said.
"Well, I can try my best to not be such a follower," the assassin countered. "Sorry, but I believe what I believe and I do what I do."
"Like the liberal professor," the fletcher snapped. "I don't want my son to follow him to hell."
The assassin shook his head.
"Well, I'm just saying, my son is someone who will listen to you," he said. "I don't want him to be the guy who is there because it was the safest

(this is so stupid and beautiful)


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"Greetings", the raccoon said. "I've come to ask you some questions." The human began shuffling to his feet. "Alright, I'll tell you what we were talking about. Let's see... Up until you arrived, how'd you get here? Were you dragging a truck or something?" The raccoon grimaced at this. "No, I rode my chariot..." he shrugged, looking sad. "But I guess I could have ridden a horse and gotten to this fort faster." The raccoon chuckled a bit. "So it was a chariot?" "What's a chariot?" The human gave a curious look. "Oh, don't get me wrong. I really don't care for chariots." The raccoon patted the creature's

blue sky love

I love how warm it is today, even though it's January! :)" - Ellen

"First Air captures my heart!! I just love the consistency, and with the cool temperature, I like to curl my hair all day long while it absorbs all of the amazing powder color payoff!" - Marie

"I have straight bangs and was hoping this would go well with them. The product looks great. I plan to purchase more in the future." - Kate

"I got "The Picture" in pink a little while ago and I can't stop saying it's my favorite. I have to use it 3 times a day now just for you. What can I say, amazing quality!" - Sara


Pirate Fox Mom
"Dance like nobody is watching!" he says. His wife sits beside him, talking loudly, "It feels like I've gone back in time! In fact, there are memories that we never thought we'd live to see." "You mean?" responds the American actress, "The Titanic was going down and everything, and then you got out on that boat, and had a good time, and now it's in history, and everything changes again. He says, "Now, I see it in retrospect that I should have sailed with you in the first place!" "No, we never planned to..." "Nope! We always had fun on the boat. We used to dance until we had our hearts' content. When you had your little music box in your hand


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Little Tommy Tiger pushed Bobby Bobcat into the mud puddle, but Bobby grabbed Tommy's tail, causing both cats to tumble into the mud. "Ha! You're all covered in mud, too!" Tommy snapped as Bobby jumped onto the pile. The two fierce cats fought until a human hand reached in between the two, relieving the cats of their bloody mud bath. Bobby bobbed up and down in joy, then made a mooning motion, as if to say, "what a drag this is!" Looking to the bright side, he noticed that his "mates" didn't seem to have broken any of their legs. When the now-grown and exceptionally hungry cats returned home, he saw that the previous day's small successes had been nothing more than a fun romp.
Marius entered a graceful decent and landed gently on the surface of the bay. For a moment, he did not pay attention to the sun that had risen above the bay horizon. He was thinking about the possible prey. He had eaten a small burritos and a handful of Big Macs but his appetite had been flagging. He was unsure why he was in this oceanic corner of the "Universe" except for the sudden determination that radiated off the silhouette of the land. He was going to swim here and try to get some food.

Marius ducked into the shallow water and floated in the current. His hungry mind worried about what to do next. Nothing had seemed to spur him to action. He had nothing to lose. If nothing else,


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Minty Cheetah thanked Simo for putting him in a zoo. "Simo", the Cheetah said from his cage. "I really am a much happier spotted cat now. How can I ever repay you? My wish is your command"

Simo laughed a little and made a bawl noise. "Giddyup kiddo! Where am I going with this? I'm just supposed to go be content in this wonderful place and give you kittens and show you my hit- list of the animals. That's my part!"

"That doesn't change the fact that you are an animal lover at heart!" Minty said. He opened the cage door and looked outside. "You went to all this trouble for your kitties


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A mouse, a fox and a skunk walk into a bar
and ask for a punch. The bartender, Charlie Q. has no idea what to do with them. Charlie tells them he's afraid he has too much ink on him and what would happen if he got drunk and started bleeding. On his way out, Charlie bumps into the Fox and the Skunk (who has just arrived to San Diego from Maine). Charlie politely tells them what a nice guy he is and how much he doesn't like walking in on their shenanigans.


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It seems like whatever you put in, if it includes the name 'Donald', you'll get something about Trump that's about 50 times more sensible than what usually comes out of his mouth. A case in point:

There was something about being hit by 42,000 wildebeest that really rubbed Donald up the wrong way. They've gotten to this magical stage where a wildebeest just paddles, their trunk does a jog and that's it. They're running like a wheeled robot. I have no idea why this was there at all."

Trump's wariness about use of evolution and white nationalist pseudoscience dates back decades. In 1997, he took out full-page ads in two New York newspapers calling on scientists to halt studies of evolution and blaming them for "the substantial losses of species from species extinctions."

"Evolution is a theory, not a fact," Trump wrote. "It has never been proven in all its many forms across the earth."

(p.s. this isn't sensible, true or accurate, but look how good the GRAMMAR is!)


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I think it produced a very novel form of poetry :D
I like bees.

I like little trains.

I like punks.

- You like punks?

- Yes! I like punks.

All my life, I've been

asked, "What are you?"

- A raccoon!

- Ma!

No, no, not another one.


Bees are the most

stupid, sigh-worthy


What are

they doing?!

Just hittin' it

like they're

being robbed

and then stealing

the honey

with force

and savvy


Oh, my!


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Doctor, please help me, it's swollen to ten feet long and it itches terribly! I just had a chat with another co-worker, her face was literally blue because of it! I don't understand, why don't you make these the right size?"

I stopped. "If you're going to sue them, I have to go down on one knee and ask, do you have a lower genitalia than what is shown in my video? If you do, then it's okay, just let me know if it's okay to clean it."

Morpheus laughed and bit back the tears in her eyes. "I apologize Miss Walker, but if you were offended, you could have easily shut that door. I had no idea that so many people found


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(why am I so addicted to these???)
I know, I know! I just can't stop making them either! :D This one worked so well I had to post several versions!

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

My secret furry persona is a fursona/alias I made for when I thought I was too shy to show my kinks in public. What's yours?

Edit: FluffMe is the pet nickname I use for myself, I don't talk to dogs or cat (only have cats so far), and I've always been a bit of a breeder of people (as you know). If you're wondering why my fursona doesn't have lips or ears (other than in the end story) I have a prosthetic helmet like the one that became Groo when he saved the Dachshund from a North Korean river.

I like many of the animals in my fursuit

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

My secret furry persona is "Alla" - an irrepressible, hysterical, flamboyantly uninhibited force of nature who will stop at nothing to fight for her cause, even when it means blowing up the local power station. But Alla is more than just a firebrand - she's got a soft side, too, and no shortage of inspiration, wisdom and endearingly silly anecdotes. Also a monster hunter - she's more capable of looking after herself in battle than even best friend Tank, and will never back down if it means going toe-to-toe with big, burly baddies.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

My secret furry persona is fawn. What, you have never heard of it? I guess it's little more than a smoldering, soft fur. When I was still a wee furry, I had to go through the series of childhood exploits, from swiping my mom's lipstick to chasing in a kitty litter box, in order to become an adult. Then, later in life, I discovered what fur was all about. By then, I was a freelance writer, so fur featured in my fiction quite often. I've written a few of my furry stories, and by all accounts, are proud of them. I have no true phobias against furry characters, though I confess that they're off-putting to my colleagues at


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Heyo! Looking to RP my Sonic based chipmunk in a primitive, world. Love inflation, mud, kissing, cuddles and space suits. My race is the Sonic chipper.

This is my first chipmunk community. The purpose of the chipmunk is to provide a casual RP opportunity in which the fandom would like to gather and play. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about the RP or are looking for a chipper of your own. This character was created for SavageDjinn and being his pet.

Some background information

For further info on the RP and a profile of the author (me) you can read in this post: (Link: http://www.furaffinity.net/view


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Let's use some psychedelic Rock lyrics :p

Salty Solomon Salmon Soul of Man
Sun-Moon Salmon Salamander Solomon
Salty Solomon Salmon Soul of Man
King of the Fishes...
It's a U-Shaped Fish!!!! (Mushroom Soul of the Lava).
Uh Oh...I'm Off the Gaea Tree
Chicken Egg...of the Fruits of Eternity
I'm curious...Can I die from a lava...


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Ladies and gents, here's REM's lesser known hit "Losing my perch"

It's me in the corner,
It's me in the spotlight,
Losing my
It's me in the corner,
It's me in the spotlight...
Lose my place in the world, lose your place in the place
I'm underappreciated, I'm underappreciated
I've put the charm on the bench,
I've put my mark on the slip,
I've put my stamp on the place,
It's me in the corner, it's me in the spotlight
It's me in the corner,
It's me in the spotlight...
I've put the charm on the bench,
I've put my mark on the slip,
I've put my stamp on the


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(Based on "Master Builder" by Gong)
Q: Master Builder, tell me how you make a temple ?
A: Tools and moon stones,
you don't really need them, you know...
Q: Master Builder, tell me what the temple's made of ?
A: Deep inside you,
you can build an invisible temple in your own imagination
if you will
but then you can't control it.
Q: Master Builder, tell me how to get to your temple ?
A: Easy, follow my well groomed steps :
1. Drink a bowl of steaming tea.
2. The palace's music will get you in the right mood.
3. Ask Master Builder to start a memorial for you.
4. Borrow a silk cloak from Master Builder and take it off


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That CSI episode is so stupid, the way it makes furries look like some kind of sex perverts. We know that furries are just normal human beings who like plushy animal things, but that the portrayal of them in the show is so out of touch with reality. It is so dumb and awful that the premise of this episode might as well be titled "Keep Your Comic Book Racist." Why isn't the Skinwalker doing a behind-the-scenes television interview about how badly he has sex with himself and his fursonas?

Everyone in this episode is such despicable pieces of garbage that I almost feel bad for the Skinwalker. Not only did he have to have all of these people tortured and beaten, but he had to hide it from his fellow skinwalkers


The Drunk Skunk. Metal and Beer. FckNzs.
Salomon the salmon was asking the master builder: "How do I build a temple?"
He answered:
"You build it with a stone-cutter's chisel and then you have him build a temple for you."
And he said: "No, I want a diamond-cutter's chisel."
If your craftsman-builder works this way, he can't make a great temple for you, and when he asks for a diamond-cutter's chisel, it's too late, because his temple was already made. This is what the practice of vipassana meditation, its thought-transformation function, has to say about that situation. Vipassana is the work of thought.