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AI Storytime!


blue sky love

Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. I'd like to take a minute, so just sit right there and I'll tell you how I became the prince of Bel-Air.

Because I was born in the US, in LA, I'd been expecting And why the neighbors know a box of Tr more about your relationshipiscuits at the than your wife or local Chipotle. girlfriend. Because I I was never part've lived there for of this Puma almost 25 years. fad. I So let me start was never your stylish from the beginning. and buttoned- When I first movedup youth. Not to the Bel- ever.

Air apartments, itWell I was born was a three bedroom in the US,, 1 bath apartment in LA, and. And I thought I'd never really that it was all been through anything in great. I loved my life. Growing my location, but up in the suburbs there was a few, my father was problems. First, always working. He I have a passion was always working to for gadgets, so provide for us. I would hide under He was our boss my bed to play.


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That's it, I'm leaving the furry fandom.


The truth is, I really don't like furries.

I don't like how they show themselves, I don't like how they interact, I don't like the people who are part of them.

It's just that, like with every other hobby, furry fandom got "too big" to ignore, and I have to keep an eye on them.

Now that I've put all this out in the open I will be much less likely to be approached.

I also won't have any need for sympathy and it's probably not a good idea to show sympathy to them, even when I am able to.

Thank you.

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All the furries sat around, smoking pawt, eating pawpcorn, and drinking pawp.

There was one girl who seemed to be handling everything, giving out all the food and keeping the place clean. Everyone else didn't have a job or anything to do, but they all decided to come by to see her as they normally did. It was obvious that she wasn't completely useless.

While everyone's ears perked up at the sound of someone else speaking, Dorsan was already being bored out of his mind by a flatulent wolf who started screaming in his direction.

"Why can't you be a nice wolf?" The screaming wolf asked, ranting in a barked voice.

"Because you're not!" Dorsan shot back


I don’t use this site anymore
I told you so, mother. And when you use her as a walking sacrifice to give a grown man's weak ego a little boost, I will be here for you, I will be here for my dear, sick wife, I will be here for my father, I will be here for my family, and we'll still be together," one wrote.

"I will continue to live because it is up to me," another said.

"Thanks for getting this off my chest. I think it's time you moved on with your life. It's time for you to grow up," said another person.

Her husband, who is not named in the emails, broke down during a court hearing for the couple's son, fearing they were headed for


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"But my cramps are too bad!"

She shook her head.

"Well, don't worry. You'll be back soon."

I put my hand in her hair.

"What about you? Don't you need to be checked out?"

"Not right now. Maybe later."

Ariadne nodded. "OK."

We sat and chatted for a bit before she asked me what I thought about her awakening.

"I think it was perfectly natural. Are you doing OK?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Are you going to stay here or go home with me?"

"Actually, I'm going to stay right here."



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Abide with me, fast falls the eventide, the darkness deepens the moons, all the beasts are cruel to the wicked, in the forest there are two sounds; the cry of the fawn, and the peal of thunder; Now have they gone, and will you still die? The holy queen is a scorner in the present tense; me myself am a gnat.


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"Great blistering barnacles!" Nick yelled to everyone in the crowded cab. Judy reached over and looked around the dimly lit cab. The air was thick with the residual smell of blood and vomit, and the windows had been cut out for obvious reasons. But no, the taxi was still going. Judy looked at the blood-staining floorboard, the patched window sills, the broken glass and the ruined interior. Something felt terribly wrong in the cockpit. There was absolutely nothing that looked even remotely like the engine compartment that the cop car was supposed to have. Judy slowly walked over to the back of the cab. She grabbed a flashlight, and turned it on. "They came up from the caves! They tore through the whole cabin! It looks like it was barely even


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Being a Furry has changed so much in my life, for example I now live in Seattle, a city that really loved Furry after I moved there, but then many started calling it the Furry Capital of the World. I'm surprised and happy to see so many amazing Furry artists, storytellers, actors and actors around!

Furry seemed to me to be important in the late 1980's in Washington DC, I think I was a little too young to have a fully formed opinion of what it was at the time, but I saw what it meant to be part of a community that cared and supported each other, and I knew that this was important. I felt strongly it should also be an important part of my life when I went to Kansai University


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"I'm a civilized demon, damn it!" Lord Mura whined. "This is the Fourth Army of the Starry Sky, not the Fourth Army of the God-Devouring Hat! We haven't had any battle for some time. My units are at a total of three, I may not be very adept at battle. These troops were be killed while coming to greet my adoptive demon brother."

Hwaryeong raised an eyebrow, "This… It looks like you've also forgotten to gain warlord's permission."

The wriggling head throbbed. "It's because I'm used to it," the living head replied.

Hwaryeong's claws dug into the ground. "…I understand the obvious of the situation

(Mura isn't actually a lord, but the thing keeps getting his gender wrong ><)


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Raining blood
From a lacerated sky
Bleeding its horror
Creating my structure now I shall reign in blood

I will recreate the past
Tearing the universe apart I shall take what I want
As a puppet I will obey my will
One blade to rule them


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Sari laughed as she transformed the barkeep into a fox.

With an evil laugh, she roared. "Since we can't get some of you fiends off the streets we will teach you a lesson!"

With a lightning like scream, the barkeep appeared to be out for blood.

"Never forget about the young lady." Said Sari as she disappeared into the crowd.

The barkeep stared up at Sari as she appeared, feline ears and tails swishing in the wind.

"Didn't you learn anything, kid?" asked Sari.

"Not really. But I have learned that the powers of the Feline Temple are very strong." said the barkeep.

He then remembered his greed in

>barkeep turns into a fox
>has feline ears and tail o_O


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Then Gandalf arrived, rinding a gigantic tabby cat and the orcs said as one : "oh bollocks!"
My Lord, what an awful way to find a cat." Then, as the orcs were turning their backs, he took his bat and he jumped up to Gandalf's left and the orcs said : "oh you little slimy hobo, throw us a fish, I've no money to pay for them." Then Gandalf bit down on the bat's tail and its eyes flew open, and it shrieked " Oh, you fool, don't you know we have my money?" Then Gandalf cocked his head and he said : " I'm a wizard, not a weaver." But then the orc saw that he was a wizard,


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The pizza delivery fox knocked on the door which opened to reveal a room full of naked, slobbering huskies. The pizza fox became increasingly worried as they panted and did kung fu like wild dogs did earlier on the floor. I was wearing shoes and a jacket, and I was scared as hell but wanted to help because they didn't have anything to wear.

The pizza fox explained that they were lonely and they had been training to become friendly. The pizza fox, with his whiskers, became especially agitated as I was going on about how dogs often bark at people and how they can't read people and people don't have teeth. I explained that dogs also have whiskers, which makes them capable of seeing smells and humans and dogs can see. This


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The fox came closer to the table. Suddenly, a man entered the room and pointed at a chair.
"Why don't you have a seat?" He said
The fox tilted his head.
"I'm chris hansen and we're doing a segment about real life predators."

"How did you know? That's quite interesting, you have the point of view of a predator? Who's doing the talking?"
He walked over to the table
"The answer is rather obvious isn't it?
The fox quickly took a seat.
"Okay now I know that we're doing a one on one show about creatures that don't like to live in nature. However I don't know who you are, and I can't tell that without your story


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@Simo the skunk has put Thrashy the skunk in a fox onesie. So now the normally innocent Thrashy has to be a naughty, mischievous fox that always wants to play outside. Thrashy will wander around, poke his nose in people's food, steal eggs, and even eat anything that's in the way. The only thing he can't eat is himself.


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Thrashy Fox had just got kicked out of the heavy metal concert. He had to run, and to get away from all that death-spell music. He figured that his family and everybody else would definitely pay to see the concert.

Once Thrashy Fox had outrun the concertgoers, his encounter with the slime was certainly strange.

"All the slime turned into grey/New Mario colours!" "All the slime turned into grey/New Mario colours!"

It wasn't that bad in the beginning, but suddenly there were some other things in front of him. Like slime. Slime covered everything. He had to get away from it quickly.

It took a lot of work to kick the slime of this place.


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On the first day of creation, the Lord Zod apeared on a cloud of purple smoke He was the representative of one of the Gods of Mankind, they dubbed him ' Zod the Mighty'. The Lord Zod announced that he would fight for mankind against the antagonist of the day, He-Man.The battle was a cat and mouse game between the two of them. Despite having the advantage, the owner of He-Man, 'Silver Shamrock', was never even seriously challenged by Zod. He-Man's theme song rang in the ears of many as he defeated Zod and beat him to the utter sh-it out of him. Despite having the advantage, the owner of He-Man, 'Silver Shamrock', was never even seriously challenged by


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"Time for your bubble bath, Thrashy Skunk!", Simo said, filling the tub with sudsy water. "Get your little ass in the tub. I don't think that you're finished with the break-up yet."

"I know. I've been working out so much lately." Thrashy said, taking the broken clock back in his hands. He adjusted it, his eyes watching the tootsie rolls and other hygiene products behind the counter.

"Hey! That's not a legitimate thing to ask! I can tell you're not going to get your bathing suit back any time soon. Go sit down and shut up."

"I don't want to be anywhere but in the bathtub now," Thrashy said, bouncing up


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"Anyways, why are you trying to help me?" the witch asked.
"Because I want to eat you!" the demon couldn't help blurting out.

He no longer wanted to be held by the witch's magic. To prevent herself from destroying her pathetic body, the witch hastily cast spells to heal it.
"Impossible! Even if you pretend to be a knight, magic is useless against magic!" the demon ignored what the witch was saying, stepped in front of the broken, bloody Witch Eileen.
"Fufu, I guess you're right. And I'm not the Witch of Lolicon. You're the Witch of Lolicon!" she said, happily.
"I'm not the Witch of Lolicon," the Witch proudly pointed


(Edit: a second attempt got wildly more NSFW :eek:)
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(@Ravofox --this made me giggle)

"Hey Ravo, that sounds like Jethro Tull!", Simo Skunk exclaimed.

Ravo Fox nodded. "We're in a swords and sorcery fantasy world now.
I'm gonna cast a spell!"

"You cast a spell to get them to come back?", Simo asked.

"Wanna help?", said Simo.

Ravo nodded, and he began to cast the spell.

Ravo cast the spell he had memorized, and sparks began to shoot from his staff. There was an intense flash, and the branches were blown apart.

A couple of hours later, Jethro Tull arrived.

"That was weird!", he said. "How is it possible that


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"I'm Thrashy the Hedgehog now! I'm not a skunk any more, so that means I'm going to step it up a little bit and become more of a nuisance. Are you interested in having some fun?"


"I'm going to do everything in my power to scare you, to make you tremble, to make you run, all so that you'll lose all your pieces."

"Thrash, then. Let's take this creep to the point of insanity so he'll never come back."

"Take me there!"

"Say, Thrashy, you remember how easy it was to tear the control pads apart during the game with Rainbow Dash? Good! You are able to fight battles with


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(I think I'm addicted to these now :p )

"OK, Ravo Fox! Stop tickling my footpaws, or I'm gonna pee all over. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!", Simo Skunk squealed, wiggling around. Ravo Fox looked at Simo Skunk and smiled. "Are you going to repeat the same trick, Simo Skunk?", he asked with a smug smile. Simo Skunk shook his head and started laughing and jiggling his stomach around again.

Ravo Fox continued to watch Simo Skunk in amusement. "It's funny watching you Skunk-Up your almighty beak and fart, as always. Right, Simo Skunk? Naughty little fowl.", he said. Simo Skunk


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(I think I'm addicted to these now :p )

"OK, Ravo Fox! Stop tickling my footpaws, or I'm gonna pee all over. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!", Simo Skunk squealed, wiggling around. Ravo Fox looked at Simo Skunk and smiled. "Are you going to repeat the same trick, Simo Skunk?", he asked with a smug smile. Simo Skunk shook his head and started laughing and jiggling his stomach around again.

Ravo Fox continued to watch Simo Skunk in amusement. "It's funny watching you Skunk-Up your almighty beak and fart, as always. Right, Simo Skunk? Naughty little fowl.", he said. Simo Skunk

(Hehehe, you sure are! You need to visit AA: AI-storytime Anonymous :p. Plus, very funny story!!)


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The Flitchaye knocked out Queen Skittles and Thrashy with their herbal smoke and carried them off to the main camp. That night, Meela and Caron persuaded the guests to eat more heavily and less nutritiously, to stay in the strange tent and sleep in the saddles that were being delivered. They argued a lot about eating with the feel-good feeling a great feast would impart. But then another of the guests, Hector, drew his sword and killed an old stallion he saw limping toward them. The horse was Snuffles, the only stallion to survive the Flitchaye's attack. The Flitchaye then left without fighting, flinging guests into the air with magic and throwing them into the lake or the forest. None of the guests survived.

(My, this one was quite dark!)


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The Fossa carried Ravo Fox up the tree in his muzzle, by the scruff of the neck. "Now you must serve the Fossa!" he said to Ravo. Ravo Fox blinked, his musk wafting all the way to Fossa's nose. "How do you know who I am, how do you know what I want?" Ravo frowned, "Look here, there's an ancient tale among my people that you and I were once brothers! Why don't you join me in my tribe? You can help me develop the Krazoa technology!" Ravo folded up the rock he'd been carrying. "Go, it's time for supper!" I also imagined I was sure of myself, but I wasn't quite sure of what I had