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aight so.

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i trolled some liberal fool epic style (Xir/Xim knows who they are) and i got warned by a mod for it. i just wanted to know how it goes. is it a normal 3 strikes you're out IP ban? i am only asking because i know every forum is different and some forums are very strict.


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Depends on severity really. This thread will likely be another one knowing how things go here. I do have to say though that I saw the comment that probably got you in trouble and I'm surprised it got you even a warning.


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Maybe... don't troll people? Like, this is a social environment so just don't act antisocial? Just the "xir/xim" in your post is sending off some pretty bad vibes; you're old enough to know how pronouns work. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that your post is actually sincere, here, and that you just genuinely don't know when to stop.

Forum rules are the same as main site rules, with some additions for conduct only relevant to the forum. This includes consequences, with the caveat that if staff conclude that you're trying to game the system by deliberately violating rules but staying short of a lengthy ban, you may get smacked harder. (Which is also true on mainsite at least to some extent - knowingly and deliberately violating rules is a different beast and not looked upon kindly.)


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Eh, just don't troll people. It can be kinda fun in short run, but it also isn't very productive, makes you look like an asshole, isn't something your friends or significant other will be proud of, and is a slippery slope towards becoming a life-wasting neckbeard - just take a look at MisterMetokur or Kiwifarms audience to see how low can you go by making trolling your hobby.

Just learn guitar, or get into sports, or read books, or a hundred of other more fun things. Heck, even videogames are more fun. I have Rocket League, we can duke it out sometime :rolleyes:

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If you know what you're doing is wrong, why not stop? You haven't been banned, so learn from your behavior and don't do it again.

Or, maybe the answer you're looking for is, "You'll never get banned as long as your trolls are epic style and on liberal fools, only warned."


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Assuming the OP isn't trying to do some "le epic troll XDDD" and is actually sincere,
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It's not worth starting trouble over even if this is the case. Though another thing is that the whole "xir/xim" thing just might be the OP mocking them as well. I'm guessing he caused trouble in the "non-binary furs" thread.
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I usually just go by "he" or "she" if I made a mistake, because of how I was raised, I haven't caught on to "they" yet because it sounds plural, or like I'm referring to multiple people, however, Michael Jackson's pronouns must have been he/he.


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