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airbrushing patterns?


Resident pervy rainbow unicorn
Alright, I've got a LOT of fur on my hands, and I'm thinking of opening requests for custom tails and such.

The only thing is... I don't know how to airbrush designs onto the fur.

Can anyone tell me how they manage to get the patterns on there? Do you use spraypaint, or an actual airbrush?

What's the cheapest way of making it look good?
Em....I dont' know...I'm sorry...But you can ask WAIT WAIT . Maybe he can tell you.


Angry Otter
In the past I just used a Badger airbrush with a very small nozzle and spraying radius, then combed it out carefully as it dried. >_> I've played with both fabric paint and acrylic and found both to be equally annoying, so I just use acrylic now. X'D I'm absolutely sure there's a better way, but since I don't do it often, I haven't learned it yet.


Resident pervy rainbow unicorn
So say I want to go with the basic badger airbrush-


does this airbrush use acrylics well?

And thank you all for your help :D I want to get some fursuits going, so this will be difficult with my characters :x

though some could be gotten away with partials.

first up is:

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1072003/ as a fursuit for myself (because he's cool)

so I need airbrushing for the stripes.

Now, you can use stencils made of paper, and it won't go through, right?

I've never tried airbrushing before :p


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Now, you can use stencils made of paper, and it won't go through, right?

That depends, you would need a thick piece of paper so that no paint bleeds through. If anything your could laminate the paper stencil, or find some other easy way to coat it, so that there is no bleed.


Resident pervy rainbow unicorn
very useful, thank you! I was confused about the song at first- in my itunes I was listening to the FFX soundtrack ;D I thought my music was still playing lol

thanks everyone for your help!

alright... so in your opinion, which airbrush should I get?

Or I'll rephrase this... which is good to start out with? lol
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