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Album Artwork - Draw What You Want


Characterless sack of potatoes
I'm looking to release another demo/album in 2012, but I want it to be a little different, so I'm going to include an art booklet with a picture (Drawing, photography or even a short story or poem) for each song.
I don't want to do it myself because I want these to be from an objective perspective, and to have a slightly differing interpretation than my own.

The way this would work is:

First YOU tell me that you are interested in creating a visual artwork or short story/poem for a randomly chosen song, for a price between 0$ and $40. Show me some examples of your previous work. (I won't be able to spend too much money, so I would have to like your previous examples of work to be convinced that a piece would be worth the money. Same goes for the other side; a stickman for free is great, but if other people are offering more interesting ideas, I might choose them instead, although I hardly expect people to respond anyways)

Secondly, I pick a song and send it to you. This would be randomly done. (The genre is experimental electronic, examples can be found in my sig, although it's hardly indicative of what you would work from.)

Then based on the song (Or if you were feeling extra-avant garde, based on the title) you decide exactly what you would like to do, and decide a set price for what you want to do.
After that, everything is up to you. You can draw or write whatever you want to fit inside a 12x12cm square, as long as it's PG13. Exceptions can be made if you request to do something specific.
Other than that, I really mean anything goes! You can draw furry themed stuff, abstract art, a scribbled line in MS paint, a giant "THIS SONG SUCKS!" if you really hated it, any type of visual display, poem or short story you can think of.
Think outside the box!

After you complete your piece, I will include it in the art booklet that will come with the physical copy of the album and it will be the display picture for the song wherever I upload it, eg. soundcloud, youtube, bandcamp, FA, etc.
Your name or pseudonym will be listed in the album credits.

Bear in mind that this will not be popular by any means. It's simply a project I would enjoy undertaking. The album itself will be free to download online and physical copies will be sold for $10-15.

I'll be looking for 6 people to do this for now, which I'll update on this post.
If you're interested, contact me at asnemed@gmail.com and include your FAF name. Responding in the thread is okay too if you're feeling lazy...
And if you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, etc. don't hesitate to ask!

And that's enough self-centeredness for the day.
Stay awesome FAF...


Characterless sack of potatoes
Thank you guys so much. Already I've received tons of responses, so it will be tough to choose 6 people.
But please, PLEASE keep sending emails if you're interested.
And remember, the more interesting, outside-the-box, avant garde, silly or stupid ideas, the better.

I'll choose people in a few days, to give people a chance to express their interest and I'll come back to the thread and update it/close it once I've chosen.
And another thing too! If you have friends that may be interested in this, don't hesitate to tell them!

Thanks again!