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Alien Nerds-YCH Auction


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there are the fans for the Alien franchise, there are the fans of the Prometheus movie(still Alien franchise), and there's both. so a fur who's cosplaying as a Xenomorph goes to a convention, and eventually bumps into another Alien fan. the second fur, however, is dressed up as an Engineer(Space Jockey) from Prometheus. then goes on this little debate on Prometheus about why its good or why it sucks. the green one is clearly biased against it. so make your choice, which role will you take?

can be any gender and any species, even human.

this is not the fixed detail of the linwork, I will be working on it when the bidding is over...

the expressions are fixed, so no changes to that whatsoever...

there is dialogue, the winner for character 1 chooses his/her dialogue first, and #2 makes a clever response.

base price for each character is $5 USD. increase by $2 or higher
the due date is 4/22/13 on 1:00pm PST