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All art and no pay makes Hoshi a dull girl~


The Doctress
I have lots of time and not enough requests for my liking so I thought I would post here in the forum!

Here's my user profile. Some of the commission information is there but the prices are not set in stone! You can always send me a note, let me know what you would be willing to pay too, I can negotiate. Look around at the gallery, see if there's something in there you like, I'll be glad to work on getting it just the way you like it!

I'll draw basically anything you want, unless it's too much for me, but if it is... I'll let you know. Adult stuff is fine, I just find a lack of needing to do it when it's not requested. The last piece in my gallery is an example.

Except cub pr0n. None of that. Don't even ask.

Anyway! That's about all I've got to say... Thanks for your time... XD