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Allow blocking automatic submission compression


Well, FA is not a brick and mortar art gallery. It does not make money from the art it showcases and is in no way responsible for them (beyond making sure they follow the set rules.) So it's not the same as an actual art gallery in most ways. Nor is FA deviantart.

I can only speak as a fellow user, not as an admin, but I really don't think they're trying to mess with your artistic integrity or be the fascists you're making them out to be. They have to to think of everyone's viewing enjoyment as well as yours. And to be blunt, I have to agree with Arshes Nei. Your images just don't merit their huge pixel size in my honest opinion. 99% of the other artists seem to have no problems at all with working within these size constraints.

You've already paid for Photobucket Pro, so why not use FA as your primary gallery for shrunken down images, and link to your Photobucket? Might as well use it now that you've paid for it.

Arshes Nei

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foxystallion said:
Eliminate all the clutter on Full Views by starting the title line at the top left hand corner of the page and following this with the image, starting at the left hand side of the page.

Do the Full View the way that dA does it, with the image covering the controls unless the cursor is moved to the top left hand corner area of the page, whereupon the controls reappear.

No brick and morter art gallery would tolerate all the clutter of FA Full Views on their exhibition walls. The way the FA Full View page layout wastes space with clutter and a blank area along the left hand side of the page below the donate box is a real shame.

No Brick and mortar gallery would tolerate most of the art even posted to FA, so what are you getting at?

DA is also a company. You know they have a BOD (Board of Directors) that make financial decisions? It ceased being Jark's baby long ago when they had to realize how to keep the site afloat. It's huge.

Also, I usually hit DOWNLOAD instead of full view so the reconstruction of the page is highly unnecessary.

Why is it that I can see a lot of other quality artwork within restrictions, yet you think yours has more merit at resolutions and sizes most people don't want or need.


I didn't read much of the thread but I noticed that some people were looking for an excuse to really be rid of the compression dealie. Well, all I have to really say is this.

Dispite how FA might even feel about what I submit, truely I doubt they'd even listen to me as what I really even do is something if they needed to remove some users works, I would probably be on the list. Anyway, the only flaw to this whole compression thing on my part, is that I do my wallpaper works currently for widescreen users (and also design them so they can be cropped for non-widescreen users without losing anything desired). I also make them at the highest res I usually can possible, namely 1920x1200. Frankly if I could, I'd upload the compressed size and link to the larger size to another site, but I've no money to pay for a domain and no other furry host will accept what I make. So I'm screwed out of that.

Anyway, just my 2 cents on the matter.

Edit: Okay, I just realized what I posted didn't really have a point, so here's a better one.

Due to the compression option, if anybody were to look up FA's wallpaper section to get an actual wallpaper that is either high res, or widescreen, they would be dissapointed as everything would just end up being resized and stretched instead of being in the size and quality it was made in.