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Aloha, Hola, Privyet, Ni Hao, and Hello! :D


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Hello all. My name is Ryann (MuzikBocks on the web). I've just recently gotten into creating antho art so a couple of my friends advised me to get an FA account. I've only gotten my feet wet so far but it's been super fun already. I'm looking forward to networking with artists who could give me a tip or two. :)

When I'm not drawing I'm singing, reading, playing my 3DS or just hanging out.

Some fun favorites:
~Music: Alt Rock, Electro, Punk, C-Rap
~Book: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Murder Mystery
~Games: Puzzle, Side-scroller
~Movies: Comedy, Foreign

Oh and as a side note; I don't have a fursona. I've contemplated for a while and I have yet to figure out where I am with that. *shrug* I love furries though so I surround myself with them. :D

Looking forward to participating! Cheers!
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