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Also Looking for editor


Same here though I have some standards. >.>;
Also yes some one who willing to help for free, and be able to help me out as well with out comming off as rude or anything that would be awsome!

*Must be willing to help out

*Must be willing to help and deal with any spelling errors or grammar issues he or she see's.

*Must have msn *please note you have to be nice and not really be mean there is a thing called constructive crit. not doing so will result in me blocking you.

*MUst respect my limits/kinks: http://www.f-list.net/c/kyle Silverfall/ (nsfw)

*Must be able to correct things and spell right (of course).

M. LeRenard

Is not French
Making this its own thread, since you're also asking for critique.
Also, is there a specific piece you need help with? If so, please link to it, and try to follow the guidelines listed in the stickied thread. Thanks.


Gah sorry for being a Nweeb. Most likely Its going to be for future projects. I just need some help refreshing my writing skills. Even if I suck at it naturally. :/
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The future Mrs. Schmuck
You desperately need help, and I'd be happy to give you said help. :T I'm in a helpful mood today.