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Alternative species


Luke, the lone wanderer
If you/your main sona had to be a different species, what would it be? Basically, what's your runner-up?

So I'm a grey wolf, but I considered being a goat! because Undertale I just think they're neat and funny. Is it a coincidence that I'm a Capricorn? Personally not too sure about that stuff myself, but I just think it's a funny coincidence. Even if it's just a one-off thing, I'd like to see myself as a goat someday. ^^

But enough about me, feel free to share and discuss yourselves here as well. =)


Antelope-Addicted Hyena
I'm a striped yeen primarily, and it really fits me, I think, personality and all. But I do have a secondary personal character, a nyala antelope (and I'm a capricorn too!).

This was mainly an aesthetic choice, those critters are really beautiful. Also I came to like to use this character in the context of my marriage, which is very gentle and "non-predatory" relationship, better symbolized by a pair of placid herbivores.

Also if I was into fursuits, this would be something to go for, the looks of these antelopes are quite impressive.


I'll poke your butt
Probably a deer. I think they're beautiful.
Mine is a bat/cat hybrid though. Lol


River otter maybe. They're all so cute!

Actually have a character design in mind already. Never envisioned him as my sona but could work for that I guess. Dark brown fur with a lighter belly, blond hair and pretty emerald eyes, cute and happy personality. Adorable!
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Firuthi Dragovic

Gamer Dragon, former speedrunner
I would most likely pick a tiger, honestly. Specifically one of those white tigers you generally see in zoos.

.....which I realize may require extra background work to address all their health defects of course.

sleepy kitty

feline enthusiast & insomniac
Probably a rabbit