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Am I a bad friend?

One day my friend Katrina told me she was with some guy named Kyle and having sex with him too. She's only known him for a week or less, but now she thinks she's pregnant with him too. She told me not to tell anyone, but I decided to tell Brandon, a guy she told him many times she has no room in her life to be seeing anyone and trying to go out with him. Brandon gotten really upset he was lied to and decided not to go out with her after all. The next day I felt bad for telling Brandon, so I called Katrina and told her that I told him her secret. Katrina got kinda mad at me and said she doesn't trust me anymore. I feel that I am a trust worthy person, but some things shouldn't be kept secret. Now another friend is upset at me, her name is Annalisa. One day her boyfriend Randy messaged Katrina on facebook asking if she was single and Randy also told me he liked me more than a friend and was interested in me. I even sent Annalisa pictures too of what he said. Randy denies that he's interested in me or Katrina, he said his brother used his account to contact Katrina and he said he only liked me as a best friend. Randy then un friended me and Katrina, and now Annalisa won't talk to me anymore. Because I caused drama between the 2, I didn't mean to. I was just trying to protect her from getting cheated on. So far, I have 2 friends that are upset at me Katrina and Annalisa.
Katrina is also the person I was talking about on here.


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Sorry but your life sounds like a drama...

and I dont like to be mean but thats what I got from reading the first few sentences.

Take a deep breath and think about the answer for yourself a bit, I think you really already know, and try to keep improving


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You did what you thought was right. Really, that's all any of us ever can.


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You're not a bad friend. You just lack a little bit of foresight.

Sometimes, people tie you into things you have no business being tied into. Keep this secret. "Dont tell her I said this." "Dont tell him this happened." It may or may not be in the best interests to let the truth be known. These are your friends afterall. This is your discretion. Only you know these people and the best context.

However, you have to expect resentment. You have to be prepared for an angry and upset reaction. You did tell a secret you said you were going to hold in confidence. You did in fact spread unsettling details. If youre going to stir the pot, it's not a matter of being 'good' or 'bad'. It's a matter of being willing to face those consequences and handle the situation with pragmatic thought and empathy. You're dealing with people. You're dealing with emotions. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and have the foresight to see the possible consequences of your actions.


Maybe you shouldn't involve yourself too much in your friends lives. I know your intensions where good, which is really sweet of you, but if you want to avoid the drama just take a step back.


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Sound more like you have bad friends. Is this the baby factory you were talking about in another thread?
Either way, you should probably surround yourself with better people. People rub off on you, and if they're shit, well...


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I would try and talk to them about what happened. Try and explain what you were trying to do. If they don't understand then maybe they aren't true friends.


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The first situation you described was pretty shitty. I'm not sure how a good outcome could be produced. I probably would have tried to let Brandon down a little easier and say that he could do better than Katrina. Also wouldn't he learn about the pregnancy at some point anyway? I think Katrina was trying to hide something that wasn't terribly hide-able in the first place. And what is she doing going out with Brandon when she is pregnant with another man's child? There was no clear right or wrong choice there.

I think you did the right thing with the second one though. Annalisa deserves to know that Randy is treating her like shit behind her back. A good friend will tell you what you need to hear, even when you don't want to hear it.


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Sounds like more drama for your mama. You just need a fresh set of friends, one that won't put you through a blender.