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Am I the only one with this interest/fetish?


Ricky Montez

I know this is kinda weird, but...I have a thing for tails that have a mind of their own, or at least act like it. Tailmouth isn't really my thing, though. I prefer the tail to still be without a face. Are there any movies, TV shows or episodes, web videos, comics, or anything else that involve tails coming to life? The concept really fascinates me and I don't know why. Does anyone else have this interest/fetish? Because so far it seems I'm the only one I've seen who likes it.


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I can’t say I have any suggestions.

That’s an interesting fetish you have there! No judgement at all.

Good luck on your endeavors to discover more about it.


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I doubt you’re alone. That’s statistically improbable.

The only examples I can think of the tail has a face though honestly.


petit trou du luke
it's not about tail, but I see airplane taking anthropomorphic form and have lewl things, while the watchers ask for military airplane for commissions , I don't think there weird fetish , just aboundance. you'll find some who have the same interests.

Ricky Montez


I know it's been more than two weeks since I posted this, but let me clarify on a question I asked. Do any of you know any pieces of media (movies, TV shows, web cartoons, comics, etc.) that involve tails coming to life? The only ones I know of are these:

-The blooper in "Toy Story 2" when Slinky's rear end came to life and acted like a regular dog and Slinky "baby talked" to it; as a kid I was always fascinated by this, and I remember wishing the scene lasted longer than it did. I also secretly wanted Slinky's rear end to ALWAYS be alive, and not just as a one-time gag.

-An episode of the Disney animated short series based on the mobile game "Where's My Water?", where Swampy's (the alligator in the game) tail comes to life after a pair of sunglasses fall on it; it falls in love with the tail of the girl alligator Allie, with Swampy's tail kissing Allie tail. I was in love with the idea of two sentient tails falling in love, and this was like a dream come true to me when I randomly saw it on Disney Channel.

-The lost Disney short "Lorenzo", about a cat whose huge fluffy tail gains a life if it's own after another cat puts a curse on it; though I was somewhat sad at the end when Lorenzo had to cut his tail off.

These are the only instances I could find anywhere of the "sentient tail" being used outside of deviantart artwork and fanfiction. A few of the instances listed above I only found by just Googling "tail with a mind of its own", but I still could find very little. I was reluctant to tell anyone about my interest/fetish because I was sure no one else would have it.

Again, do any of you know of any other instances of this stuff happening? And not just in artwork and written work?

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In this fandom, it would be weird if you didn't have an unusual fetish.


The sheep

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Well, this isn't 'My thing', but I certainly won't judge anyone's kink/fetish (so long as no one/nothing is being maliciously hurt by it)...

We had a cat that constantly fought with his own tail. I mean, literally fought the thing (drawing blood, taking fur from it, the works)... We never could figure-out wth was going on, but he'd by laying there, tail-tip *TWITCHING*, and then turn his head and look...

It was like the thing was possessed (or he was simply that neurotic?)... The *TWITCHING* would increase, and you could see the pupils of his eyes widen, and then it was "ON!"...

If we were home, we'd step-in (wearing thick gloves!), and break-up the damn fight! Seriously! Had to make him wear the 'Cone of Shame', many times, to let his poor tail heal from prior maulings. Our excellent Veterinarian even suggested docking his tail entirely, and making him a 'Manx'. We very nearly did that, but he finally died of old age instead.

Tails, mahn...


Ricky Montez

Thanks, but I think I already specified that I'd prefer it to not be just artwork or fanfiction. I'd like to see the tail actually moving. Also, I'd like it more if the tail is long and fluffy, maybe even big as the animal's body (fox, wolf, raccoon, skunk, squirrel, etc.). If the tail is too small, it gets close to the butt and that makes me uncomfortable. Good artwork, though!
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