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hello ^-^ As you read in the title I'm kinda new to making a fursona. I never had one but I know I've been a furry for some time now but I'm not good at the whole words thing I can picture how I want my sona to be but I cant get it on paper xD I know I want to be a shapeshifter but normally I'm a feline with some form of wings and I have many forms helllllp xD


Well, since you have a design in mind i recommend searching the art exchange forum for people willing to draw your idea out for free, or if you have money seek out someone for a commission.


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Welcome to the world of Fursonas! :D

I would recommend you flesh out the character itself before you decide on any species and looks.

Some characteristics, interests, a little back story, to have a level of connection/association with the Fursona. IMO, you can think about looks after the character have been fleshed out a little.


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I'd recommend writing a detailed description of his appearance or sketching out some ideas. Have a bunch of ideas, don't just go with the first one you think of.
Make the character look like his personality. When someone looks at him, it's best if they can size up his personality at a glance. Of course, you don't have to do this, its just a suggestion.
When you're satisfied with what you've got, commission someone or draw it out yourself. Quirachen is a great artist who makes ref sheets really fast and comparatively pretty cheap to a lot of others on the market. They run about $120, that's expensive but if you have the money its worth it. Userpage of Quirachen -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Have fun in the wonderful world of making your fursona!
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