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Hiring: Am searching for Comic Artists


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Hello! I am Berry Slice, AKA Xoxenknight on FA, and was wanting to inquire about commissioning/hiring an artist to do a short comic, though I don't know if 7 pages is considered short though. But nonetheless, to be completely upfront I am going to be a bit picky here, I am just looking to see if anyone would offer their services and if they would be a good pick.

I don't want to get too much into the details unless I get into DMs with one of you. But I will mention that my budget is quite above the maximum amount that can be selected from the dropdown. Otherwise, to give a short synopsis, I was wanting to get something NSFW with a side of story, and it will involve a pegasus horse so there is that to consider! If anyone wants to share their examples I will take a look over the course of the post, and to be upfront again this may not start immediately if someone is chosen. Nonetheless! I hope to see some good art and hope to work with one of you :)

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I’m pretty experienced with comic work. Here’s some samples of my style. These are just my SFW pages. There’s spicier stuff on my gallery.







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Hello! I'm a comic artist, I have only a few furry comics examples to show but you can se other examples of my artstyle HERE as well!
Let me now if you're interested
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