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AMA: Fursona edition!


Ohh, probably my big dress! I don't wear it too often since I usually wear a hoodie most of the time though ><


What beverages do you usually drink in a day?
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2 shots ( 2 us fluid ounces)
or 2 cups (8 us fluid ounces)

favourite food ? Any wrap, chicken Cesar wrap is the classic OG but a nice veggie wrap or something is the best.

Do you prefer to go out in public on your own?


Joy Boi
Nooooooooooo not at all. I feel much better having one person I know. xD

Whats for lunch?


Friendly Maned fox+Phoenix
I kinda don't think about it, it just happens as I go swimming or performing le parkour de la grenouille
Woooo! Parkour froggo! :0

Do you know humans? Does the place where you live have them?
Oooh humans! Yeah nope! I don't have any humans near from me, but I see them time from time!

Which kind place you like to live or to vacation on?


Joy Boi
Disney world, 100% would like to live there. But they changed some of the rules, so we'll see

What is terrible to do with friends, but best done with family?


Joy Boi
My wheat field. its my oldest one, and best grown <3 Love my wheat.

Favorite block?


Friendly Maned fox+Phoenix
Mmmh... Gotta say obsidian or maybe emerald or quartzs! These are cool! :3

How many languages you can speak?


Joy Boi
........ Uh... internet influencer I guess?... all I do is message xD

Why does your face look like that?

Nexus Cabler

Conduit of Synergy
Yes, I would say it was very pleasant.

Do you wear any accessories/jewelry or unique items?


Fun loving kitty cat
In nature, the more isolated and peaceful, the better! Waterfalls, brooks, cliffs, my 2nd home! PLayfully scampering through the fields, the soft mosses in my claws...<i

Do you love large festive gatherings of creatures, or dread them preferring more intimate gatherings?


Joy Boi
Dread... *Hides under blankets* Dread.....

Favorite holiday season?


Joy Boi
*Gasp* G-g-g-ghosts *Hides*


Ghosts scawy! Do goo Bleeeh, BLEEEEH AND DEN DEY LICK CHUUUUU >~< *Hides quivering*

Why chu so scawy >~<