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AMA: Fursona edition!

Casey Fluffbat

E. Fuscus from the discount section
Most furries would be like "NO I'm not cute!!!" Me? Immeasurably cute, you cannot comprehend.

How FLUFFY are you?


Joy Boi
All of the movies are crap, new and old. Only thing that was good about the entire franchise was Mandalorian and Star Wars the Clone Wars.

What is one fictional universe you cannot live without? ie. Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars.

Plouc the Dragon

Retired (call it fucking quits!)
Star Wars. When I was kid traveled to Disney World (twice), and Disneyland (once), I was a rebel spy in front of darth vader, and we have to escape the troops!

What is the best pregnant furry artist or colorist on Fur Affinity do you actually care about? (Sorry I have to ask a question...)

Chad Firepaws

Going out of business
I have absolutely no idea, I'm just an innocent pizza boy (might want to try the regular ask thread)

I dropped my lucky dime down the sewer grate. Can anyone pick it up for me?


A fox named Ridley
Magic! (Though how lucky could it be if you dropped it in the sewer?)

Ever accidentally buy human pants? Must be a pain in the tail.

Plouc the Dragon

Retired (call it fucking quits!)
80s Synthwave.

If the "Furry Virus" (FUVID-23) does exist in real life, what would happen if you get infected by the virus?

a sleepy kitty

Buh bye. :(
My coughs would all sound like either "UwU" or "OwO", and everytime I sneeze into a tissue and look, I say, "What's this?"

Do you know the difference between a pancake and a flapjack?

a sleepy kitty

Buh bye. :(
I thought they were the same thing?
Surprisingly, they are not. In some countries, flapjacks are very different than pancakes. But in the USA they technically are the same.

Ever considered being a different species?
Yeah! I wonder what it would like to be a big cat... like a snow leopard.

Do you like any of today's music, or are you a fan of older music? (Or both)

Plouc the Dragon

Retired (call it fucking quits!)
I like older musics like the 80s Synthwave and Electro.

If "Furry Online" was an Open World, MMORPG that took place in the virtal furry convention with shops, restaurants, entertainment, and Game Worlds, what are your top ten features you wanted to add?

Chad Firepaws

Going out of business
What's a furry convention? One time I got asked to cater a Dentist convention once, but I think they wanted the actual Dominos. That was pretty embarrassing. But for a virtual game, I'd probably want ten DOM-ino's franchises so we can corner the market! Oh, and a catnip dispensary .

If you take virtual catnip, are the effects the same?

Plouc the Dragon

Retired (call it fucking quits!)
Dude… Furries Don’t Do Nips…

Would you rather…
Stop using Fur Affinity or Stop using DeviantArt?


4-tailed kitsune
I've already basically switched from DA to FA. ; p

Are you able to maintain a sleep schedule and if so, how?

a sleepy kitty

Buh bye. :(
Contrary to my username, I acually have had chronic bouts of insomnia for nearly 18 years. One time I was up for nearly 6 days. So, no schedule here. lol

Have you ever made a birthday cake for a friend, s/o, or a relative? If so, what kind? How did it turn out??