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AMA: Fursona edition!

Plouc the Dragon

Retired (call it fucking quits!)
Sorry. I couldn't help it. But I always made brownie chocolate cake for my two friends, the Fox Prince (who kisses belly buttons), and Azzy (who's a fan of hyper pregnancy).

If I say "Push It To The Limit", what is the worst life of crime if you're in Hotline Miami (indie video game)?


blue/teal bat thing.
I don't... see why there would be. Is there anything wrong with sentient beings..?

Uh... how often do you uh... do stuff

Chad Firepaws

Going out of business
Ye! I listen to music all the time, though I don't have a particularly favorite kind.

You're in a grocery store and they're out of your favorite product. What do you do?

Plouc the Dragon

Retired (call it fucking quits!)

Dude... What kind of question do you asked for? (This is my first drawing to be uploaded for the Ask Me Anything topic)

Have you ever seen a permanent pregnant dragon before?

Plouc the Dragon

Retired (call it fucking quits!)

What is your most unfair elimination in the Total Drama series? You are allowed to choose one contestant from a season (either Island, Action, World Tour, ROTI, All-Stars, etc)

Plouc the Dragon

Retired (call it fucking quits!)
Words Before Unwatching
I'm leaving the AMA topic because of one person here (which I'm not going to reveal his username because of the violation I received once after my trip to see my big sister at Gatineau, Quebec, Canada) who did not follow the forum game rules by separating the answer and question into paragraphs like this below:

- The answers goes at the top here.

- The next questions goes at the bottom here.

I'm so sad to say that he never read the forum game rules before replying, just simply commenting per reply.

All I can say, I'm unwatching this topic. Sorry.

Chad Firepaws

Going out of business
that was one time, had to shave it off completely and wear a dish for a month

You don't happen to follow my mom's twitter account, would you? She loves posting embarrassing pics on here


Fun loving kitty cat
No chance at all I'd steal anything. I'm an honest imp, too much pride and no desire to inflict hardship and distress on others.

If a friend asked you to defend them in a fistfight, but you didn't even know why they were even fighting the person or if they started it or not, would you do it without hesitation as a friendship trust thing, or insist you know what's going on first before even thinking of jumping in?