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AMA: Fursona edition!


Late Healer Ferret
Logic is the only way to solve problems.

What is magic in your world?

Deleted member 111470

It only exists in fairytale and fiction. There are these "magicians", but it's only smoke and mirrors - it's fake.

What is more important to you - friends or family?


aka Cutter Cat
Both because I consider friends as family. :)

What is the heaviest thing you have ever lifted?

Deleted member 111470

I can't remember. I'm not too strong, but I once lifted a barrel with fuel in it. Maybe it was about 60 kg, maybe it was more.

What is one of the best things that has happened to you?


Blue frog
LOVE! They call it anthill cake:


Do you like pie?


Well-Known Member
So everyone has an AMA for themselves, but what about their fursonas?! In this thread, you ask a question and the person below you will respond to your question. The only twist- you must answer as your fursona would! Try to stay in character, and have fun!

Can you fly?
what is an AMA??


Resident Stone Age Fox
I'm not too great a following orders. That's probably a symptom of being the undisputed guardian of my little brother for his whole life...

Well, except when I was younger, people helped me with him back then but, now I'm the sole dictator of my little bud's existence.

If you had a sibling, would you rather them be the same age, significantly older, or significantly younger?


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Huh. Good question. I have two, though my brother, who is almost the same age, I have not spoken to nor heard from in 10 years. My sister, who is 12 years younger, I talk to at holidays. It's hard to say, really, I have never had much of a close family in so long. That's IRL. As for my fursona: I've never seen Simo as having any siblings.

Have you ever operated a chainsaw?

Deleted member 111470

Yeah, sometimes we go to get timber from the nearby woods to use in the motel I'm working at. The fastest way to do it is with a chainsaw.

Do you take special care of your fur, or do you leave it to be more natural?


Pirate Fox Mom
Usually it's just the normal grooming unless I'm working with Amy then I like to put a little extra curl in my whiskers.

Have you ever served in the armed forces?


Resident Stone Age Fox
Cocks head to the side

What's a... Jet plane?


What's a jet plane and have you ridden one?


Pirate Fox Mom
Think of it as a big metal bird and if you throw spears at it, it will ignore you or shoot back with large explosive spears. And no I have never been in one but I plan to one day.

Are you a good cook?


Resident Stone Age Fox
Oooo, this one I can answer! I can cook well... I think. Normally my only judge is my little brother and he likes my cooking, so... I guess I'm good? My favourite thing to cook is rabbit stew with wild berries and vegetables and the like. It's simple enough but, really warming on a long winter night.

Anyway, I'd say I'm a good cook. I mean, considering that we cook over a fire so, burnt to a crisp is normal... Okay, that's a lie, normally we have a big rock that we place on top of a fire and it heats up, and I cook on that.

What's your favourite meat-based meal, if any?


blue/teal bat thing.
....I don't have one, yet.

Are you okay with having fun with anyfur-


back to Aussie foxying!
Nope, but I've felt like it!

Have you been to university/college?


From out of the rain.
If only civilian jobs count then no. I'm on the market though.

Like your meat raw or cooked? Or no meat at all?

Deleted member 111470

I don't eat meat, but if I have to - I'd rather cook it.

Have you ever fought in a war?