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AMA: Fursona edition!


blue/teal bat thing.
I like snow and presents... and such.

Can you skateboard-


My Final Form... Which Was My First Form :P
Yes, I’ve had some good memories with that.

Has anyone ever convinced you to try something new, then immediately regret it?


aka Cutter Cat
Yes. A guy told me about the Furry Fandom once. He wasn't a Furry.

Have you ever been in an auto accident?


back to Aussie foxying!
The spaceship I'm an engineer of crashed, does that count?

Does your life in any way resemble the lion king?
“Everything the [refridgerator] light touches, is [mine]”

What’s your opinion on the elusive creatures known as humans?


aka Cutter Cat
Only if I want to see anything.

What is your favorite style of music?

Deleted member 111470

Pop music, because it's simple and catchy.

What's the highest altitude you've ever climbed?


aka Cutter Cat
I go to the tar pits to see if there is anything on the menu.

Do you cook and if so, what is your favorite thing to cook?


From out of the rain.
I dont think I move in the right circles to impress someone with perfume. Not that I like impressing people. I just keep to scrubbing myself clean every day.

What is your weapon(or kitchen implement) of choice.

Moar Krabs

Aight boys
My weapon of choice? Probably brass knuckles. Millipedes do need a lot of them

How does a trait of your fursona help them in their everyday lives?


Resident Stone Age Fox
Well, I'm paternal, that's totally a trait, right? Anyway, it's pretty simple how that helps me. It means I will love my little brother unconditionally and care for him to the best of my abilities whereas a less paternal sibling may have chewed his face off by now.

Seriously, I love the little ball of fluff but, sometimes he can be... Overwhelming.

Is there a trait that you think inhibits you? How does it?

Deleted member 111470

Genetically, I am smaller and weaker than most of my co-workers. They are mostly wolves and bears, so they're huge and strong. When we're fixing different machines, they can wield heavier tools and lift heavier things. I really struggle when we have to move big chains or oil drums.

How much clothes do you own?


From out of the rain.
two suitcases full. One is stuff I used to need for work, the other is normal clothing. I prefer to travel light. Oh, and I own a suit but I look silly in it.

Do you enjoy watching the sea when it is stormy? Or do you prefer it calm?


Got Milk?
I prefer it stormy, it's always so relaxing trusting your life to nature, and rewarding when you become one with it.

Here's my question: Is a hotdog a sandwich?


aka Cutter Cat
No. It is a hot dog. Sandwiches have two SEPARATE pieces of bread.

What is your least favorite food.


From out of the rain.
Yenas don't really do "least favourite food" but I won't eat fish if I can avoid it. Oh, and dry bread. I've had enough dry bread to last me for a lifetime.

Been doing sports when(if) you were at school?