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Amazing video of guy in fursuit skydiving out of a plane

Batty Krueger

DJ Nailbunny
It would have been more impressive without the tandom jump. But it takes hundreds of tandem jumps to be able to jump by yourself. Ive been once for my 18th birthday, it's a very unnerving feeling.

None the less I daaawed the whole time because I know the feeling and being half blind would have been scary as demon shit.
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He should bring his cat next time.


Don't think someone could see or feel much in suit. Seems like a waste of the experience.

It's as much of an experience as jumping without. Besides that, I wouldn't dare to jump without >.< Just feels...safer somehow o.o!

I gotta say, i originally laughed really hard when i first saw this. So ridiculous, yet also amazing.

That music was really inspirational as well. Speaking about demons becoming angels, never holding back, all that stuff.

Finally somone is actually listening to the lyrics of the background music :3


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Oh hell no... I got vertigo just watching the video


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Keenora is awesome! He's skydived in suit; bungee-jumped in suit; flown on Lufthansa in suit; appeared in several documentaries; and appeared in several fursuit videos.


That's freakin great, love it. Been twice but never in a fursuit. I think it would be totally worth it to land triumphantly in front of all the people waiting down below. Tons of WTF expressions all over the joint!