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Ambition (or lack thereof)


Wishes he could fly
What I want to do?
well I want to be a Master Thief. Although seeing as how thievery is looked down upon, harshly, and including the fact that I don't posses the ability to free-run, pick locks, or the will to actually kill someone I guess I'll just be a Graphic Designer, or journalist, or small business owner.


Impractical Fantasy Animal
Personally I see ambition as kind of a negative trait that usually goes along with an immature mindset. I don't mean that as insulting, I mean literally not mature as in most people I know have their ambitions beaten out of them somewhere between age 16 and age 25. I once upon a time had ambitions like "get hired by an anime or game production studio to be their lead designer because my ideas are so awesome." But now? My life is obviously fucked beyond hoping for all but the most modest achievements. And IME the adults that retain their lofty ambitions tend to do so at the cost of not caring in they have to use and abuse others to attain their goals; politicians are a prime example of ambitious adults.