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Amnesia: The Dark Descent


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Games are indeed an art form - the way it psychologically affects the players. You have two kinds of games.

Games that contain art and Games that are art.

Games like Halo, COD, Counter Strike contain art. They're just games meant to be played and enjoyed casually and while making a game enjoyable is psychologically artistic, shooters and strategy games are very generic forms of art, like portraits of people, whilst games like Amnesia, Penumbra and my personal favourite, Silent Hill 2 are meant to be "played" in a totally different frame of mind and the art that comes out of this is affecting the player on a deeply psychological level.

Silent Hill 2 is a horror game and that is alike to an artistic film - creating tension, dread, interest and all those other feelings while the "game" explores thousands of different ways to bring these out. For example, the game relies on its story and the fact that every single part of it is open to interpretation, especially the endings, like an unusual painting that holds a deep meaning to it. It's also artistic in the way it keeps the players scared - it doesn't rely just on the "BOO!" scares or vicious grotesque monsters or the dark surroundings. It affects us in ways that don't only pose a physical threat but creates discomfort in the viewer by exploiting psychological vulnerabilities and fears, most notably the deeper, hidden parts of the human mind which most people hide or deny their existence. When you're in a game, you're thrust straight into that and you're not watching it. If you immerse yourself in the game, the music, sound, visuals and story is all pulled together in a way that makes it a truly horrifying experience - not a viewable medium. The best part of the immersion is that it creates a heavy emotional response from the player. I cried in the end.

Anyway, if you haven't played SH2, do it NOW.
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Played it, my assessment:
It was fun, and is was scary. Had some good Atmospheric tension, the only problem i had was that I felt as if I was walking down the same hallway every 30 minutes . But other than that i enjoyed it.


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My friend told me about this. I didnt believe him when he told me about the demo. I played the demo. I got the game. I sat down and played it at night with headphones and a steady supply of nicotine in one sitting. I love this game.