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An *adult* request

My request is in two parts:

1. A drawing of my character

2. A drawing of him being bent over by anything, against his will.

I have a description if anyone wants to try, along with an anime-ish sketch I drew.

If anyone would draw either, or both, of these pictures, I would greatly apppreciate it

...and give you a cookie
Great! Here's the description:

Appearance: Egret is a very slender youth; his body is built such that he only weighs sixty-five pounds. He has very pale skin, bleached from long hours inside of a lab. His face is very narrow, his chin tapering down to a point, eyes silver and reflective in bright light (similar to that of a cats.) He has very thin, downy feathers on his chest, down the back of his legs, and in the area around the groin but does not have any hair, save for that on his head. He also has tail feathers, about two feet long, emerging just at the bottom of his back, which are white with jet black tips, about three inches long, and are there even when he is not morphed. His hair is very straight, coming down just over his ears, and similar in length; it is pure white. Egret is four feet, seven inches tall. His main distinctive feature is his nose. It is similar to that of a bird’s beak, except only the upper part, ending as his upper lip, golden/tan in color. His chest is just slightly expanded, similar to that of a bird. His eyebrows are very faint, but are in such a way to give him a startlingly fierce expression, especially when he concentrates. His hands, starting at his wrist, are the same color of his beak, and are made of the same hard material, and each of his fingers ends in a tapered point, and are as sharp as talons. His feet are the same way, and his toes are very flexible, allowing him to grip branches, etc. Also, he has a number tattooed into his right wrist, reading 112-901.
When his arms are morphed, the wing structure is similar to that of a dove, or other smaller bird (smaller near the body, grows larger towards the middle of the wing, before tapering back down), and his wingspan is eleven feet, also, the feathers which normally only part of his body expand to cover nearly his entire body. His feathers are silver-white, except for those near the very tips of his wings, which and with about four inches of jet black. The only clothing that he wears is a pair of fitting black jeans, which fit very low to allow his tail feathers room to breath.

And here's my half finished picture: (Anime-ish)


I would like him drawn with wings instead of arms, please! ^_^


He who shale be ignored...
He makes me think of the Ritu from LoZ the windwaker :3

Oh and what about his genitals? I know you said they are covered, but what if they were exposed?

I'm not sure I understand your question there

They'd look like...normal? XD

But yes, I was inspired heavily by that LoZ race XD
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