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An "Animal Crossing Inspired" Isekai


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So what happens if you throw in four Adult Men of varying ages into an Animal Crossing looking world? You get, what Google translates to, Works! Uncle Forest or its Japanese Name this:

はたらけ! おじさんの森​


From what I'm able to get from the Japanese pages that I'm able to read each of these four men were chosen by the Animal Crossing inspired people's God to help his citizens make a new town/civilization after he witnesses them doing some pretty good acts of kindness around others. For our protagonist in the above image, he helped a lost child get back to his mother and that's what got him chosen to help his citizens after a tsunami destroyed their home. This is basically a survival/rebuild a town plot with each of the guys getting their own "Animal Crossing" buddy ala Digimon.

What's interesting is that this is pretty close to the kind of manga I was looking for about a chibi anthro and a guy becoming friends and trying to live together, though in their case it's more about trying to find a way to live on an island together and build a town from it. I kinda hope someone translates this one day. I wonder if the site I read it in is the same as the Ryu website where Kuzure-chan came from because after some time has passed only a few latest chapters will be available to read for free. https://tonarinoyj.jp/episode/3269754496829555832

But anyone it's an interesting premise regardless and as of this posting everyone is just getting their baring's and about to get started on what the God of that world told them to do.