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An entire thread...about Rasputin.


Very Speshul Title

Netanye Dakabi

people call me queen
okay Rasputin was in fact a campaigner for peace and he was killed because the russian public wanted to go to war.
Most of the stuff in the song is just rumors spread by his enemies.
He also never killed Anastacia and in fact was responsible for the investigation forces that would have found the body if it wasn't for certain powerful people trying to stop them.
Boney M was bribed a LOT of money to make that song as well as a whole album of other songs you've never heard that promote the soviet union and communism if you bothered to do any research.
You've been fooled by rich assholes controlling the popular media.
Thank god it's the 21st century now and all this stuff has come to light and the info is readily available over the internet.