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An explanation of why some users cannot access their accounts (After May 2016)



If you are an FA user and in the time since May 16th 2016, you have found yourself locked out of your account on the FA Mainsite for whatever reason. Then the following information may prove of use to you.

On May 11th 2016, FA was subjected to an attack on it's server(s) via an exploit in software it was using. The exploit itself was swiftly patched by FA staff, however the damage was already done and some users experienced content deletion in the form of submissions, journals and even notes.

FA staff subsequently took the site offline and began to audit the site code in order to make sure no further instances of this attack could take place and to patch other potential issues.

A restoration of data took place in order to replace some of the content that was lost, however since FA's most recent database backup was made on May 11th 2016, there was few days worth of content that would remain missing from the site.

What this resulted in, was any accounts that were made between May 11th and May 18th (when the site officially re-opened after the downtime) were deemed non-existent, they simply didn't exist in the database, meaning the user who owned the account had to re-register the account once again.

Furthermore, it meant that any changes to accounts in that time-frame, such as passwords and email addresses were nullified, as they were rolled back to previous values by the restoration.

However since the mass password reset on the 22nd of May, no password from the data restoration would be valid, this was to maintain security of the users accounts in case the data had been previously compromised.

So when you take into account that a users email address and password have been changed, it is highly likely a user would no longer be able to log in.

If you have read this, and believe this to be what happened to your account, please do the following;

  • Send an email to accounts@furaffinity.net (Include in that email, your username)
  • Allow a reasonable period of time for staff to respond (Typically allow 7 days, since most do also have full-time jobs as well as volunteering to the FA site)
  • Staff will then inform you of what to provide in order to verify it is indeed your account.
  • After this the staff will hopefully be able to provide you access to your account.
If your account was "deleted" during the restoration, you would have to re-register the account again.

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