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Sketchbook: An idea for a game.

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  • What is a PS VITA?

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Former Big Toasty Cinnamon Bun
Long time ago I read this presentation Kazutaka Kodaka (Danganronpa series) gave for the Game Developers Conference of 2015.

Here he explains the process of creating a character (and also makes fun of the PS VITA). Link Below
www.dualshockers.com: Danganronpa Creator Details His "Ordinary Process for Crafting Extra-Ordinary Stories"

Basically, there are three categories that Odaka uses in his character creation: Backbone, Appearance and Personality. Backbone is their trade or specialty, Appearance is physical traits and Personality is set behavioral patterns.


After that, there's the 4th element, an unexpected event. These ones enrich a character’s story and personality because it gives them hidden layers, making them much more flawed and human.


Well, I thought it could be a fun idea and a good exercise to build 3 huge pools of attributes, maybe add a 4th one with animal species and create characters with random picks from each pool, plus an event chosen by its author.