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An intro of a lightning dragon

Kaji Ryuuko

Hello, I'm not really new to the furry community, but I'm new to the forums.

The name is Kaji ryuujin and I'm a dragon, yes another one. My scales are gray along my body, and a darker gray along my chest and the underside of my tail, same with my wing membrane. Down my neck, back and tail are lightning bolt marks, black in color. I control the element of lightning like it's breathing for me, I can go as fast as it, mold it into a physical form, practically make it dance the macarana...which I have made it do once...don't ask. I was bored.

I'm about eight and a half feet in height, and my tail itself is about ten feet in length. Before any of you go, "Oh, he's an eastern dragon." I have to say one thing, WRONG!, I'm not an eastern dragon. I'm a western one, hence why I'm living in the US, on the West coast no less. My tail is what you would call a whip tail, meaning it comes to a very strong yet thin tip.

My likes are many and my dislikes are many as well. A few of my likes are gaming, the internet, and just plain ol' sleeping. I sleep till like noon every day after staying up till 2 in the morning. But this night is different for somer reason. My dislikes are general, or to the point. I hate freshmen...with the flaming passion of a thousand suns!...plus a nebula or two. Another thing I hate is when people just start yelling fo rnow reason, then though I get into it sometimes, I still hate it. Other things I dislike but not hate entriely are: Yiffing (Come on I'm only a teen), Things that make my short temper flare, and things that try my patience.

Silver R. Wolfe

Wuffamute Extraordinaire!
*chuckles* Western/Eastern, who cares. You got scales, wingies, and are frickin' huge. Other than the ability to eat me like I was popcorn chicken, why would I need know anything else? :D

Welcome to the FA forums! Post well and please don't cause any power surges. ^_^