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An RP based off of the Visual Novel Asastra


Roleplayer and Writer
I had an idea for an RP based off of the Visual Novel Adastra. The premise is that a wolf from a civilization that inspired the Romans comes to earth and due to a misunderstanding (later revealed to be part of a plan by these dimensional beings that the wolves and other furries worship) and abducts a male human (is in his twenties and studying abroad in Italy, especially Rome). And through a series of events he lives with the Wolf who is a prince and in a contest with his younger brother for the throne of the empire. The human has to act like a pet and discovers that the wolves partially uplift the other species and then have them serve them to reply the debt.

The wolf who is the one who abducts the Human turns out to want to change this but his brother won’t since he seems like he wants to reverse the efforts of their father and grandfather to change the empire for the better (it is later revealed that his focus is actually on the downtrodden wolves of their empire and wants to make their lives better). The human gets caught up in their politics while having to act like a simian (apparently apes were uplifted but abandoned by the wolves, the wolf wants to keep the human being a human a secret as the situation was more like first contact and the galactic society doesn’t like this and would reflect badly in the wolves and get them in deep trouble (think like the Prime Directive from Star Trek). So the human acts a bit dumb around the other wolves but a few will get suspicious, I am going to stop the brief summary of the visual novel now. The RP would be MxM and a bit of a spoiler towards the end of the novel (and RP) the human dies trying to save the wolf during a duel he was losing by stabbing the other wolf who stole the throne (he was an advisor and poisoned the wolf’s brother who won the throne since they convinced him to abdicate and remove him as an advisor, he blames the human for the poisoning. Luckily the two wolves sister manages to save him by making him vomit but he is still left in the infirmary for a while to recover) the wolf is weakened but manages to recover and give the human a fatal cut with the knife (the novel said he cut his neck deep). The wolf who fell in love with him (the one who was going to become Emperor) takes him to this thing that lets him talk with the dimensional being who do heal the human (I am guessing they can only do this if the person only recently died and the body hasn’t decayed) but they used their weird organic machines to replace the human’s vocal cords and windpipe (it states his voice is a bit higher pitched now and at first sounded like it had a bit of a mechanical sound in it but I believe that faded after a while). I really liked the visual novel and so would really like to do this RP, I would control the human and anyone who is interested will control the main wolf of the RP, we will split control of the more side characters and other main characters, NSFW scenes will happen later on between the Human and the wolf.

I would appreciate if anyone wants to do this RP that they had read the visual novel or played it (I forget how you phrase it for a visual novel). If you haven’t then I can give a summary of it.

The visual novel was made by Echo Project.