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...and here i am!



My name is Lemon and this is my first forum post; not just on fur affinity but ever! I'm not really sure how forums work so if you could leave me any tips at all that would be great haha.

A bit about me: I'm a 17 year old furry who goes by they/them pronouns. I'm a student in the UK taking my A-levels in Biology, Psychology and Art in hopes of taking a degree in Zoology at university. I really love animals (you may have guessed) and mostly drawing them! I'll be sure to post art here every now and again. I'd love for some ideas as well!

I'm also into a variety of video games, movies and books. I couldn't list them all but there's certainly a variety!

About my fursona, Lemonade, they are a dutchie and i'm currently still working on them but here's an idea of their final design!

I hope to talk to you all a lot more soon! :)


Hello and welcome to the forums and good luck with your A Levels and plans for the future.

Take your time to have a look around and jump in to some of the threads. Forum games can be a good place to start to get to know others.
Ahhh thank you very much, i'll check the forum games out. :)