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And I thought my life was bad !


if that's what it takes... well, I mean really just becoming vegetarian, as am I :grin:
What do you mean if that is what it takes?

Humans cannot SURVIVE by being vegetarians. We evolved to be omnivores for a reason. Only way is if you pop so many fuckin' supplements your head explodes, which would be fun to watch.

Also, you support PETA showing small child graphic images of their mommy repeatedly stabbing an animal?


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Humans cannot SURVIVE by being vegetarians. We evolved to be omnivores for a reason. Only way is if you pop so many fuckin' supplements your head explodes, which would be fun to watch.

Don't be dim, vegetarians live and thrive. But I personally don't understand the point, it's good to eat some meat or meat-based product. I couldn't live without my chicken filette or tomato soup. And without meat, the latter is just piss, not soup.


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First off, humans can easily be vegetarians - the trick is simply to know how to eat the right foods to get what you need for proteins, carbs, vitamins, etc. As it stands, so many westerners haven't a clue how to eat right and actually learning how wouldn't be such a bad idea.

So, for the video. Yes, it's PETA-inspired, which means you can't take everything at face value because PETA is an insane organization about as credible as the Westbro Baptist lunatics. HOWEVER, much of that footage does show generally what a poorly run US fur farm is like.

In fact, take a step back a moment here - you think that's just fur farms that have that sort of environment? No - most farms do. Whether it's chickens, cows, pigs - whatever - most farms have very high density animals in very small spaces for the simple reason that it is most profitable. The US in particular is very good at these "Superfarms", which are massive operations. Just Google stuff like "Super farms and cruelty" and you'll get pages of examples of this nasty practise.

Now, I'm no vegetarian, but about 2 years ago, I stopped buying meat almost entirely because I just couldn't do it anymore - I can't and won't support farms that do not ethically raise their animals. The meat I buy now is grain-fed, free range and/or organic where the animals are allowed to roam around and enjoy a happy, normal life until the time of their death.

So back to the this particular thread/video - in this case we have another nasty farm, only this one is for something WAY less important than food. In this case, even organic and ethical farming would seem cruel because the animals are being raised only for someone's twisted sense of fashion.

If you want to prevent this sort of thing: You must write your local and state/provincial governments! You can hold all the protests and marches you like, but they actually do nothing. It's letters written to the representatives of the people that eventually get laws published that can restrict or outlaw such cruel practises. When enough people write to their government, they have to act on it. Just look up your state/provincial and local governments on the Net - most allow you to submit e-mails on-line. Also, sites that detail out farm cruelty often have templates or automatically generated e-mails that can be mailed out to the government. There's an awful lot of us furs guys - we can start to change stuff like this if we really try.


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I would beat the hell out of the people who did this, I would torment them to a point that will make them understand that this is wrong. I hate stupid, money hungry careless people.
It make me so ungodly mad!



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how is that meat different ?

The animals raised on grain/grass-fed and free-range farms are not given a chemically laced sludge for food, and are allowed to wander a fairly large area at will, and graze at will. Super farms often have little area for a huge number of livestock to live in. Basically, it'd be like living in a crowd all the time.

Organic farms by the strict requirements to have an organic certification are similar to the free-range in that they must let the animal roam and graze, and cannot use chemicals to treat them or feed them any food that is nor organic itself. Moreover, the land on which they roam has to be certified organic as well.

Either way, it makes for a much happier life for the animal. But the reason I still don't have meat often is because I don't know how humane the slaughter is, nor do I much like the idea of eating an animal when I can sustain myself without meat.


Even animals that are going to be eate don't deserve that kind of treatment. But don't let peta stop this they are idiots, let another more responsible animal charity sort this out.


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Treatment of

Just don't trust 'em.




this makes me want to get the manager of that place, push him up aginst a wall, take one of those metal electrocution probes turned on high and punch it through his freaking forehead!


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God things like this pop up everywhere, It's fixed to make you feel horrible that's what these weird cult people do. Just ignore them don't fall for there lies and give them money or your part of there cult and therefore makes you the enemy.

But seriously they over dramatize it so don't get your undies in a bunch.