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+Anima (and other furry-esque Manga?)

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Anyone remember the manga +Anima? It was huge back when I was in middle school and easily one of the first manga I've read.

It was about these creatures, +Anima, who were ordinary children but when put into a life-threatening situation they instantly adapted the characteristic of an animal to help save their life(Ie fish gills/a mermaid tail to stop from drowning, wings/sonar to help them escape in the dark, etc etc). The story's about four in particular who go on adventures to find a place they belong.

It was one of my favourite works as a kid and I wanted to see if anyone remembered it, or had other recommendations for furry-esque/animal related manga.


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Oh, I remember that manga! I was really disappointed that it was really short though (maybe it wasn't popular back in Japan or something??)
I think that was more 'kemomomimi' then anything else, but it was good nonetheless!

For other furry-esque/animal-related manga... I'm just going to list what I remember really.

There was a shojo manga called 'Wild Wing' I believe but it was only one volume (and I regret not buying that manga when I first found it at my local Animate a long time ago).
Recently, 'Beastars' is the most popular 'furry-esque' manga there is now and trending.
Kuroneko Quincat is a very new manga that features cat people that use powers based on their namesake (Puss in Boots uses bladed weapons, for example), and they turn into regular cats if they use it too much.
There was one recent manga that I believe featured a busty dog anthro girl, but I forgot to check the name of that title (it's probably run in some kind of male-oriented publication though).

There's also pet mangas which are really popular, and I don't know if you are interested in that since most are cat-related (with some birds and dog-themed ones also out)