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Animal Abusers

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Ambered Amaranth
Don't worry, someone already clarified the difference between bestiality and zoophilia, so no drama is about to interrupt because of that statement.

Well, unless someone gets confused...

I'm pretty certain people are already quite misinformed on the issue. Within the zoo community, a plethora of terms such as zoophilia/zoosexuality often refer not to just the sexual and/or romantic attraction itself, but also the practices associated it--read: having sex with animals. Bestiality, as the term is used within the zoo community, refers specifically to such acts performed non-consensually.

So, allow me to clarify myself:

Having sex with animals is not inherently immoral. And there is, to my knowledge, no argument that suggests the immorality of such that can also hold its ground against a proper rebuttal.


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